Police Brutality in Minneapolis

10-2Police brutality is an issue many folks deal with in Minneapolis, MN. But thanks to social media and its ability to spread issues extremely quickly, we now can access the information needed to get a clear understanding of what happened when issues like this arise. We all know that the local news stations can’t air every single crime that happens in Minneapolis;  so when the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) started to beat & kill innocent victims, social media users started to grasp on to the senseless killings. Nationwide we are dealing with a police brutality rate that has a lot of people around the country worried about if their families will be alive to see the next day. The police brutality going on in the United States is just one of the many problems minorities face. Discrimination and racial profiling, unlawful traffic stops, writing tickets for petty crimes; just to name a few. Below are some heartbreaking stories that happened right here in Minneapolis.

Jamar clark

By now, we probably have all heard about the Jamar Clark story that occurred November 15th,2015 in North Minneapolis. Jamar was only 24 years old when he was shot execution style by the Minneapolis Police Department. The big controversy in this horrific tragedy is that some witnesses are saying that Jamar was handcuffed while pleading for his life. Jamar was unarmed during the confrontation, but the police say that Jamar reached for an officers gun (how many times have we heard that accusation) which resulted into his death. It was recently released that the officers involved would face no criminal charges. *Click here for more details on Jamar’s case

Al flowers


Al Flowers is a well known Minneapolis community activist that was beaten by some Minneapolis’s police officers. Al was handcuffed while being beaten; thankfully Al was not murdered like Jamar Clark was. Flowers suffered broken bones, a concussion, contusions and lacerations from the beating. Again, no charges were filed against the officers involved. *Click here for details on Flower’s case

Terrance franklin


Terrance Franklin was gunned down May 10th, 2013 in uptown, Minneapolis. Terrance was 22 years old at the time just like Jamar Clark was when he was killed by Minneapolis Police Officers. Officers also said that Terrance tried to grab for their guns and allegedly he ended up wounding both of them. If you listen to a video, you only here the gunshot killing Mr. franklin because you can clearly hear him cry for help. Both officers were cleared of any wrong doing by the grand jury. *Click here for more details on Terrance’s case

Because of situations like this, many people especially minorities are fearful to have run-ins with police. Not only for criminal charges ruining their future, being away from their loved ones, but now- loosing their life. Is it right to fear for your life against people who are suppose to be saving lives?!?!



One thought on “Police Brutality in Minneapolis

  1. Great post. It’s a scary situation out there when we can’t entirely trust those who are sworn to protect us. I think people should definitely consider the movement to insure police officers like they do doctors, nurses, and other professionals who hold our lives in their hands. This might be a good way to keep the bad apples in check and hold them accountable. You can learn more about and volunteer here: http://www.insurethepolice.org

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