Why I choose to stay off of social media

f2aac67ee4579ba83403bfab6fd9b6fcI know a lot of people think I’m crazy in this day in age when they hear that I don’t participate in social media. But it’s the truth. I am a non-participant of social media for a variety of reasons, which will be discussed below. Please note, there is a huge difference in “personal” social media and “business” social media. Allow me to explain below.

Social Media for business purposes 


Using social media for business purposes is vital in today world, and it’s extremely convenient to all parties involved. Think about the last time you searched for a good restaurant to eat at, or looked for a babysitter,  it was probably done all online; whether it was checking out reviews of that restaurant on their Facebook business page, or was on Angie’s list looking for a babysitter. It was probably quick, easy, and done at the tips of your fingers. That type of social networking I agree with and I would participate in, if I had the need to do so which i will in these upcoming years for business purposes preferably.

Social Media for personal purposes


At a glance, personal social media is a great way to keep in touch with long distance family members and friends. It’s a fast, inexpensive way to notify loved ones of events, and to spread the word of important news. However, we all know Social Media goes far beyond just that. It’s a huge privacy concern

My personal Concerns with social networking  are:




Content is not filtered


Glamorizing unhealthy lifestyles



Personal information being displayed to strangers


Big Data

Decreased productivity



What will I do???

I will remain using the old fashioned techniques of networking accordingly. When I open my business, is the day I will be prepared to take on all of the challenges it throws at me including social networking sites. The disrespectful comments from unanimous names will be enough to drive this future business owner insane.





One thought on “Why I choose to stay off of social media

  1. It’s interesting that others share the same ideas as you. I for one, am not a big social media user. I understand that there are some practical uses for them and what not but does it benefit me? I think that social media has very little impact on me thus why I never really bothered with it. Great blog, keep it up.

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