Final (and best) Post

In case any of you have not heard, Prince recently purchased the following CDs from the Electric Fetus on 4/16/16.

1) Stevie Wonder, “Talking Book” 2) Chambers Brothers, “The Time Has Come” 3) Joni Mitchell, “Hejira” 4) Swan Silvertones, “Inspirational Gospel Classics” 5) Missing Persons, “The Best Of Missing Persons” 6) Santana, “Santana IV”

In case I happen to pass away in the near future, I figured I would make a similar list of the last 6 items I have purchased on Amazon. This way, people can see what I bought and make their own assumptions about what kind of person I was.

Vince's last purchases


I have done a lot less shopping on Amazon lately since they increased the cost of free shipping orders from $35 to $49!

This price hike is no doubt to do with Amazon trying to force their Prime memberships onto customers. If you pay $99 per year for the Prime membership, you get some crappy streaming media and free 2 day shipping on “lots of items”. I had given Prime a chance with a free trial and found none of the products I was interested in to be Prime eligible, therefore subject to normal shipping costs. In fact, the only thing I ever bought during that trial was an Amazon Kindle. It was so nice of Amazon to make their own products Prime eligible.

I suppose if I am ever buying a bunch of junk over $49, then I will continue to use Amazon. I find myself more often searching for free shipping and no tax. The downfall of Amazon has begun, at least in this guys opinion.


Compressed my tone!!!

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