It’s Hard Being a Twins Fan

For the record, baseball is absolutely king in my family. I played baseball for about fourteen years, my family catches both professional and little league games every summer, and my family built and designed a little league complex in Isanti, MN that was voted the #1 little league field in the state.

Yeah, it’s kind of king in my family.

That being said, the Twins are doing awful this year. So, I’m going to find some meaning in it.

I can understand the obsession of sports: people love a specific game, they buy into it more and more, all of their buddies are doing the same. It’s quite the economy. But, even sitting as a fan of baseball, a lover of the sport, I can’t help but feel sports obsession is kind of ridiculous.

I say that while putting my opinion on the line: the fields in Isanti were to the benefit of the community, more than the obsession of the game. That’s what we hoped and strode for when the design was being implemented. In my mind, it’s fine to love something as long as you help further that thing, with benefits of the community in mind.

That’s why, I think, I’ll never see eye to eye with diehard fans. In my experience, diehards obsess despite the community, not with it in mind. So, when the Twins do horrible, I may still love the sport, but admittedly have to evaluate my judgement of the necessity of five new stadiums in the Twin Cities in twenty five years.

After all, is it worth it to build a Vikings stadium while schools close? Is it worth spending millions on a new soccer stadium in Midway despite the poor city planning and probable displacement of individuals who live and work in the area? That’s a complicated issue. Maybe one too large for me to answer here.

But, the conversation needs to be had seriously and honestly with the public involved, rather than a Ziggy Wilf mustache away from a stadium.


One thought on “It’s Hard Being a Twins Fan

  1. I loved and played baseball growing up. I even played four years at Cretin-Derham Hall Highschool where the likes of Paul Molitor and Joe Mauer also played. I was an excellent pitcher with less than a hand-full of losses throughout my highschool career. I ended up quitting half way through senior year due to being repeatedly overlooked and sitting on the bench in favor of other more politically favored players, not necessarily better performing players but favored players.
    I do not resent my decision of quitting because I played Legion ball that summer and in the first round of the playoffs my team was 6th seed playing a #2 seed. I played at Cretin Derham Hall with the pitcher from the opposing team who had been the ace of the team we played on for 3 years and was instrumental in my bench riding during my high school career. long story short… I came out pitching a complete game and my team won the game 3-2. That win validated everything I stood for and confirmed that risks may seem dismal at first but can work out in the end.
    Now I’m 40 years old and I am an avid skateboarder. I ride half-pipes and bowls (no long boards.) I do it because it is a fun activity where I am my own coach/manager. I skate on my own terms and nobody tells me what to do unless they are stoked on my skating and want to seem me do a certain trick. Skateboarding is more of a community of individuals than a team of individuals.
    as a side note. I like the Twins but will mainly watch baseball only in the post-season.

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