Combating against Eye Strain

istock_000020506215_extrasmall            Eye strain is pretty easy to get in today’s digitally supported world. Whether it’s from looking at your tablet, phone, TV, or computer you’re guaranteed to have a case of zombie eyes in the morning and unless you do something about it you will look pretty “off” by your peers.  Long term effects can also bring upon circles underneath your eyes which can add to the zombie look in the morning, but still have you looking like Uncle Fester even if you element all the redness.

You don’t have to live with eye strain, there are a number of ways in dealing with it and helping you give a healthier and satisfying appearance at the start of each day.

A lot of people immediately go to using eye drops in the morning, and while they can work over-using them can be problematic for your eyes, you need to do more to improve your eye health.

Decreasing the risk of eye strain includes multiple solutions such as changing the screen display on your device screen, taking occasional 15 minute breaks from the device, and also considering a pair of computer eye wear. This alone can help, but sometimes the methodology can call for some physical activity…At least, with the eyes.

Blinking – Yes, simply blinking can help prevent eye strain, it’s sounds so easy but a lot of people tend to blink less when gazing at a screen for hours on in, similar to how long a cat takes to blink almost( Except it’s quite natural for the cat in this case). Remember to try to blink as often as you do when you’re not looking at your tablet or computer screen, it can really help.

Eye exercises – Like your body and mind it’s important to get your eye balls a good workout. There are plenty of ways to exercise your eye muscles, but like any other kind of workout you need to be careful and try to do them right, otherwise muscle strain can happen and it might cause some damage.

The following video is from Good Mythical Morning’s YouTube channel where they list and demonstrate the three most easy eye exercises, which can not only get rid of a case of zombie eyes in the morning but also can improve your own vision…If you do them correctly that is,

For zombie eyes in particular this is a video from Face Yoga Method’s YouTube channel, this is one exercise that is pretty effective in getting rid of a bad case of zombie eyes,

But exercise alone might not always be the solution to getting rid of eye strain, another method requires you to get a little crafty at home, in this second video from Face Yoga Method the host demonstrates a way to help fight off eye strain by simply putting a few ice cubes into a small sized plastic bag, filling said bag with cold water, and placing the bag inside of a larger plastic bag with the top opened, and wrapping it up with a rubber band,

You could always use something that already does function as this, but personally I’ve found far better results with just doing it from scratch like in the video.

Eye exercises  have become part of my daily routine pretty much, I don’t see as much redness as I used to before I learned how to improve eye care on the internet.


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