I Want to be a YouTuber When I Grow Up

Do you ever find yourself talking to someone and they are not paying attention to what you are saying because they are on their phone?  This happens way more than we could ask the question.  Our smart phones have replaced the conversations we have with another person.  It’s taken away the communication by giving us a ton of information to tune into.

man on phone


Before cell phones, when we got together with a group of people, we talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.  When we were kids, we spent our free time outdoors, riding bikes and climbing trees.



The influence of technology seemed to have changed all of that for our kids.  Kids rather stay indoors and spend relentless hours on smart phones to pass the time.  Take for example, YouTube and its easy access for everyone to use.  My kids tell me they want to become a YouTuber when they grow up.  I can feel the big question mark hanging over my head.  Is this even a real job?



EvanTube is this young boy named Evan who has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube by posting home videos starring him and sometimes his sister.  This article gives a summary of what Evan posts on his video and how much he has made from these videos.

I’m not sure this article is appealing enough to encourage my children’s big dreams of one day becoming a YouTuber.  Instead, I want to encourage them to still be open to other options based on their skills, talents and qualities.






About thaoma08

I am a current student at Metropolitan State University majoring inTechnical Communication and Professional Writing. This major interested me because I've always enjoyed writing. In 2007, I graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in the paralegal program at Inver Hills Community College. I work in a law firm in St. Paul, MN as a paralegal. My job duties requires a large amount of writing and communication. I feel this major will benefit my professional career and my personal life because of my day to day interaction with others both oral and written communication.

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