Sharing Is Caring

When I come across an article, quote or picture that I can connect with, I will share it on my Facebook.  My latest share were these illustrations printed on the magazine, Minnesota Parent about the love between Dads and their little daughters.  It’s sentimental and sweet.

“Dads are never afraid of doing impossible things for us.  Learning how to braid our hair, for example”

Of course, that’s not always the case when it comes to sharing on social networks.

A friend on Facebook is always sharing about how mad and annoyed she is at her husband.  This other friend can’t stop bragging about all her intense work outs and healthy eating habits.  Another friend can’t stop sharing pictures of all the fancy food and drinks she orders at popular venues.  We won’t go there with the relationship fights publicly blasted all over Facebook for everyone to view.


People seem to share and open up so willingly over the internet than they would normally share any place else when faced with another human being.  Why is that? Is there a simple answer to it?

This article lays out the categories of what people like to share the most on social networks.  Pictures was ranked highest at 43%.  People share content on social network because it helps them connect with others who share their interests ranked at 73%.

Social Media

Sharing on the web is limitless.  That’s the good and bad to it.  So then people feel compelled to express themselves creatively to get their message across to others.  Just as people feel the need to share on social network to connect or make awareness, can also give to their readers the ability to support, criticize or make judgment of the individual as a person.  So be selective on what or how you decide to share.


About thaoma08

I am a current student at Metropolitan State University majoring inTechnical Communication and Professional Writing. This major interested me because I've always enjoyed writing. In 2007, I graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in the paralegal program at Inver Hills Community College. I work in a law firm in St. Paul, MN as a paralegal. My job duties requires a large amount of writing and communication. I feel this major will benefit my professional career and my personal life because of my day to day interaction with others both oral and written communication.

One thought on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Great read. I hate reading depressing stories or statuses about peoples lives. I would rather someone share a picture of paradise than to share how and why there day was so horrible. why not just log off, and wait to post something encouraging tomorrow? Bad content rubs off on the reader in so many silent ways. I definitely think people should watch what they post; maybe the sad, depressing stories are costing these people to not have real world friends where they can actually spread their feelings to. Maybe posting more positivity will attract more potential friends.

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