Can the USA be guns free?

There has been a long standing argument about how the good ol’ US of A should guns-free. Sure, in a perfect world that would be great but that is never the case. It is not a perfect utopia and some people just don’t care much. Japan has banned most firearms in their country and those who own guns are subjected to strict laws. Read this article to find out more.

Japan is a nation of laws much like the USA with one tiny little difference. Japan’s society demands conformity. This isn’t a bad thing. Everyone is taught from a young age that the group as a whole is more important than the individual. This comes from a collectivist value that they have had for centuries . ‘Merica on other hand, not so much. We value individualism and self-interest for the most part but that in itself is also not a bad thing. It breeds competition and growth.

Japan is know for their rich history, life expectancy, and low crime rates. The USA is known for…well, you get the picture but to say that America should follow in Japan’s lead is almost improbable. We like our freedom, our rights, and our ways. America has been doing it’s own thing for a while now and it has been doing okay so far. It’s no utopia but its home. No country is perfect, not even Japan. The linked article still states that they do have some gun violence even if it rarely happens.

Want to learn how to have a guns-free America? check out this simple life hack video.


What is your stance on America’s tight hold on guns. Speak your mind in the comment box below and exercise your first amendment.



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