Guns can save lives


Whether you believe it or not, guns can save lives. You hear it in the news of gun violence all the time but did you know that non-gun violence happen way more often? This is because the media loves to hype their story to draw in viewers. Very few time have you seen the media report that responsible gun owners save someone. Check out this video to see how responsible gun owners saved lives.

Good guys with guns can deter the bad guys with guns. Guns-free zones don’t work against criminals. It’s been proven before. If a bad guy knows that two out of three people carry some sort of firearms, they are less likely to rob or hurt anyone much less challenge anyone. Stand up for your freedom and support pro-gun laws that help the average citizen. Then, maybe we can save more lives and prevent gun violence.



2 thoughts on “Guns can save lives

    1. Also how does using gun violence save lives and prevent gun violence exactly? it seems as if that would be perpetuating the situation does it not? If you use a gun to defend yourself your still using a gun and people still die.

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