Now That That’s Done


Now that I am so close to being done with school I really can’t wait to find an internship. I don’t know about you but I have a tendency to push some things to the side. So, while I am finishing up my journal and writing these last few blogs I have the weight of the new summer semester over my head with only one request to work on the Metropolitan State University Newspaper as an intern.

Sure you’re saying that guy will do anything. He’d probably even shovel manure, but you’re wrong because this is the twenty-first century and there’s a thing called a bobcat that makes it so I don’t have to use a shovel. Do I want to work for free? Do I have a choice? I don’t know, but the prospect of not graduating this summer is looming if I can’t find one.

The other thing I have been looking forward to in this last gasp of the spring semester is a smaller workload. I mean, even when I take more than two classes in the summer I feel a lot less stress. It will also let me start on my passion project.


Oh, you don’t know what that is? It entails creating an archive for obscure and classic science-fiction, horror, and fantasy. It’s an epic undertaking and there will be a lot of computer languages I will have to learn before it comes on line, but I have no doubt I can put it together. Rome was built one brick at a time, so I feel I have a legitimate goal. And no that line of reasoning doesn’t justify just about anything.

Well, I know I’ve been rambling, but this class has gotten me thinking about this passion project and how things like this are guided by passion. I’ve always wanted to create this website, but going through this class has given me a life rubric through which I can achieve this goal. I mean, this project will take years to complete and it will go faster with help. So, if I can utilize some of the strategy I’ve learned in this class maybe I can generate enough excitement on social media to get it off the ground. Here’s hoping I hit it out of the park with some of Scott’s handy suggestions.



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