The Benefits of Metro State


Being a part of Metropolitan State University has advantages. There are three campuses, one in Minneapolis, one in Midway, and one in Saint Paul. To be frank, my favorite location resides in Saint Paul. Part of the problem though is that a lot of people don’t know about all the services available to them.

One service that I particularly enjoy are the subscription services. For one, everyone has a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365    (I’ve used my subscription for a computer for the past two years). It’s available for use on several computers and it comes 1TB of storage along with the many programs you’ve come to know (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).If you haven’t downloaded it I recommend you do so. It’s free, so what are you waiting for.

My favorite subscription service is  . It’s a one stop shop for learning everything tech related. Do you want to learn how to code? Maybe you’d like to become proficient in Photoshop or maybe you’d just like to understand Excel. Either way is an invaluable learning tool. I used to learn all of these things.

Each course offed on has detailed video instructions created by an expert on the topic. maybe old news to some, but I never tire talking about a resource that offers free education. It’s a $60 a month service that we as Metropolitan State University students get for free. So hurry, find something new to learn.

These service substantially assist a student, especially a working one, in accessing needed software and learning material. I know I would have never learned HTML and CSS if it wasn’t for  Unlike a book walked me visually through a process that is heavily visual in its self. In an environment where everyone is lacking time, assistance from something that has a 24/7 availability gives us cushion against a deadline or a tricky subject. Some will say that they already know about these services, but when you consider the hundreds of dollars saved from utilizing them through the school it’s hard not to laud them.



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