One day I was on my Instagram searching around and came upon this unique photo of some food that I wasn’t sure of what it was, but the photo made it look appealing. Then I decided to see what other pho13120665_10201532695354808_527923775_otos they had. When I’m bored at home after a long day of work, I’m always looking for inspiration for my personal blog and other social media platforms. So I tend to just lay in my bed and search around for awhile. I went to go follow whoever was taking these great photos, but realized it wasn’t a person, it was a new app. Townske.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “what is Townske?” I shall explain. As I quote the company, “On Townske, anyone can create and share city guides to help people enjoy any city. Find people you like and discover their favourite places, curate any city to your taste and share it on. Now you’re a local anywhere.” 

Sounds interesting right? So, I found out you can be an ambassador for your state. I am now offically an ambassador for Minnesota. What I have to do is create a guide and in that guide, I provide places for people to check out.

My first guide, I decided to focus on great places to go for a date night in Minneapolis. For each place that you focus on, you provide a description, hashtags (usually an easy way for people to locate places) and p13090699_10201532730595689_1543178765_o.jpghotos. As you can see for the Walker Arts Center, I provided photos when I was there as well a description to tell people about it or my experience. Then I add hasthags at the end for people to search for ideas. If you wanted to find something to do in downtown, you can search by “#downtown” and it will give you all the places with that hashtag.

Anyway, I could keep going on and on about this ap, but I won’t. I really wanted to share this with all of you so if you are ever looking for something to do or a place to go, you can count on us ambassadors to assist you. Another great feature with this app, is that you can see other places from all over the world. So, if you’re ever planning to somewhere, you can plan your itinerary for your trip ahead of time.

As of now, I have published a guide for only Minneapolis, but will be creating more guides for other cities throughout Minnesota. If you’re interested in learning more about Townske or would like to find some places to go to, here is the link. Townske

Also, I highly recommend a place I visited called the Hi-Lo Diner located in south Minneapolis. This place just opened up about a month ago. If you read below, you can get a better understanding of this place.

I am glad I can introduce you to something new. I hope you all enjoy this new app. It might come in handy one day.


3 thoughts on “Townske

  1. You should create one for Saint Paul because there are a lot of guides for Minneapolis. Plus, I like Saint Paul and I feel as though it has a lot to offer. If you create a guide for Saint Paul I think a lot of people would use it.

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