What about the Future?

Our class is diverse. However, that is a simple generalization. There are racial differences, economic differences, psychological differences, and so on. Some of us have been in the military, some of us have been stay-at-home mothers, and others of us are college burnouts giving education a second chance.

There is one thing I’m sure most of us share, which is an interest in science/facts and an equal disinterest in the nonsense most Facebook posts include. I’ve also seen that most of us are interested in easier ways of consuming high quality information in digestible sizes. Hell, it’s the digestible quality of Facebook that attracts us to the service. We like digestible information because most of us work alongside attending classes, and distractible snippets of information are the most practical source of infotainment. With only minutes to spare we are often beholden to lackluster methods to soften the moments between the busy times. In other words we’re all busy.

So wouldn’t it be better if we could filter the nonsense and learn about new discoveries without having to cover over every inch of news. Something that could keep up to date while providing quality information. How do you keep up with the ever expanding volume of material and keep your sanity at the same time. The answer is you don’t do anything; instead you let someone do that work for you.

Go to Futurism and like their Facebook page. Once you follow them they will regularly update you with scientific breakthroughs in every major disciple and update you on new technologies as they are invented.


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