What about us?

Recently, I have been working on a paper about how videogame are beneficial to gamers. I find that not only does videogames increase memory retention, hand-eye coordination, and faster decision-making but that videogames can also be a form of therapy. Studies have shown that not only does videogames reduce stress but also release dopamine in the brain. What I wasn’t prepared for was those who were disables.

photo posted on post-gazette.com
photo posted on post-gazette.com

Deeper in my research, there has been a significant drive to improve those who desire to enjoy videogames. Most of my findings lead to those who are afflicted by physical disability like cerebral palsy and mental illness like autism. The technology of videogames have advance and little is done for those who have some sort of disability. Having some accessibility to play videogames have been a growing issue. Mainly, those who are disabled in some sort of way just wants to be like everyone else. They just want to fit in a have a bit of fun. Of course there have been some advancement to help those with disability but each case is an individual issue and must be catered to their needs and abilities.


A final thought that I have is that giving access to those who have some disability could help the videogame business. Opening up another market to profit and allowing those who are disabled to have fun is a win-win situation. So why not? Again, every individual case is special and might be difficult but not impossible.

Feel like donating to a good cause? Check out these links and give what you can. Everyone need a helping hand. Let’s give to those who have so little.

Donate to Cerebral Palsy researchhttp://ucp.org/donate/

General donate to Autism (tax deductible)https://secure.autismspeaks.org/site/c.8hKPL7NMLpJ4G/b.8844069/k.C240/Donate.htm?utm_source=autismspeaks.org&utm_medium=redirect&utm_content=donate&utm_campaign=waysgive&msource=redirect

Donate your games for a good causehttp://www.getwellgamers.org/

Donate to Child’s Playhttp://childsplaycharity.org/donate


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