Hypocrite Millennial



You may have seen this video on social media recently. This is Alexis Bloomer taking to social media to give a speech on why her generation is so self-centered. Lets dissect a little of what she said shall we.

Alexis Bloomer-

Our generation doesn’t have the basic manners that include ‘no, ma’am,” and ‘yes, ma’am’—we don’t even hold doors open for ladies, much less our elders anymore.

I’m not sure the methodology she used to come up with these findings, but to claim that millennials are somehow ruder than previous generations is wrong. First of all I do hold the door open for my girlfriend, my mother, my grandma, and for anyone when I’m out and about. I also say ‘yes and no, sir or ma’am, that could be a military affect but never the less our generation isn’t as rude as she thinks. Maybe she’s upset because no one holds the door open for her. Maybe she expects all people to hold the door open for her.

Think about this, millennials are more accepting of equality that any generation before. The gay and transgender communities are widely accepted across the nation than ever before. In fact the majority of people who resisted the gay rights movement was the older generation. Also has she paid any attention to the GOP primaries and the type of vicious rhetoric that’s not only being used by our elders, but by people vying to be the next leader of the U.S.? There are rude people in every age group, and ironically her compilation video of stereotypes belittling millennials was quite rude.

Alexis Bloomer-

We don’t respect our elders; we don’t even respect our country. We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer.

We mock the men and women that are fighting for us, but we praise the people who are fighting each other, guys!

 One question blondy, did you step up and volunteer to serve your country in the military? What’s that, you didn’t… I believe that would make her a hypocrite.

Alexis Bloomer-

We’re lazy, we’re really entitled. And we want to make a lot of money and have free education but we’re not really willing to put in the work.

The millennial generation has attended college at a higher rate than generation X, which doesn’t really do much for her accusation that we’re all lazy and entitled. But another thing to keep in mind is that millennials are earning a lot less money for the same jobs previous generations had, and we’re simultaneously paying a lot more for a higher education and cost of living.

The average cost of college has more than doubled between 1982 and 2012. The days of students working their way through college to prevent debt are completely over considering how little students can earn and how much of a financial burden it is to pay for a bachelor’s degree. That might be the reason why student loan debt surpassed credit card debt, with more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loans.

It wasn’t millennials that deregulated the banking industry and sanctioned the subprime mortgages that destroyed the economy. Millennials also didn’t make the decision to invade Iraq preemptively and waste untold trillions in perpetual war. Millennials didn’t deny scientific evidence pointing to climate change and refuse to cut the carbon emissions that are ruining the environment. I believe our elders made those decisions. Millennial are forced to deal with all of problems we inherited form previous generations mismanagement that they take no accountability for.

Alexis Bloomer-

We spend more time online making friends instead of building relationships. Our relationship’s appearance on Facebook is more important than the foundation its built on!

 Our idea of standing up for something we believe in means going on Facebook and posting a status with your opinion. And we believe the number of followers we have reflects who we are as a person.

 Alexis Bloomer has

8500 Twitter followers

153,000 Facebook fans

14,000 Instagram followers


I believe those are much higher numbers that the average millennial and not all of us are all every social media platform unlike her.

When she made the video she was sitting in her car alone recording herself with her smart phone, reading off a script. Then she immediately posted the video to Facebook. So she basically did/does everything that she is criticizing in this video. Maybe her idea of standing up for something she believes in means making a video complaining about everything then posting a status with her opinion. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

In my opinion this girl is desperate for attention and not smart enough to research the facts nor to realize that she just did everything that she just complained about.


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