Should college athletes be paid? (the annotated link post)

Why Collegiate Athletes Should Be Paid

This topic has interested me for years on end. Many Universities are raking in million upon millions of dollars from there sporting programs. Not only the universities are making money, so are advertisement companies and television networks. Everyone gets paid from these sports except the athletes themselves! Without the athletes, there would be no game to make money from. Collegiate athletes put their bodies on the line every day for these programs. Yet, they get zero percent of the billions being made. You also have to take into account the NCAA not caring about academics. If a coach were to graduate eighty-five percent of its players per say but the team couldn’t win, the coach would most likely be fired. Something is wrong with this logic. In my opinion, the NCAA could care less about the athletes, but only about the money.

The logic that the NCAA only cares about the money they are making is not surprising. We live in a world where money rules everything. You have all heard the saying that money makes the world go round. Some people or organizations will do anything to make money, sometimes not caring about what it takes or people being taken advantage of. Many of these student athletes come into these programs struggling financially. It just is not right for the athletes to be doing all the work and receiving zero compensation.

Many of these sporting facilities at these universities are high class. Some of these facilities are worth millions of dollars. Some could even be used be professional athletes because of their state. You take into account that some of the high profile college athletes are escorted to classes by security guards. They are treated like celebrities that have earned that right. But one aspect is missing in which they are not gaining any wealth from all of this.

To conclude, college athletes should get paid after all. Although, this brings up an issue of how the money would be distributed equally and would all sports be the same. I think football players would be the ones to get paid the most as they are putting their bodies on the line in a physical sport in which could take one play to end their career by injury. If college athletes do not get paid within the next couple of years, everyone should abandon college sports from the viewers, to the athletes themselves.


2 thoughts on “Should college athletes be paid? (the annotated link post)

    1. I’m torn on the issue of paying college athletes. It’s not true that college athletes receive zero compensation. At most Division I colleges and universities, the athletes receive academic scholarships. And, the scholarship rate depends on the value (to the school) of the sports team the student will participate on. On top of that, they receive tons of nice quality athletic clothing and shoes for free, as well as many, many meals.

      Having two daughters who ran cross country and track for D1 schools, I’ve seen the nice things college athletes receive. Yet, what they received is nothing compared to what the football players and men’s basketball teams received. And, all teams—women’s and men’s—must follow the same NCAA guidelines.

      I agree 100-percent the NCAA (and many Universities) only care about the revenue earned from sports teams, but it’s mainly football and men’s basketball that they care about. There are many other teams—including women’s teams—that do fantastic work, but the public rarely hears about them. These other athletes work just as hard as football and basketball players, and one injury to them could also end their athletic career. What really needs to change is the NCAA starts paying for the stadiums with the revenues they earn from their beloved teams, instead of through taxpayers and tuition hikes.

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