The Mastery, Karate, and Reading Corps Connection

Our three projects in Communication with New Media got me thinking about Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy and how our projects and his taxonomy begin with knowledge and grow from there. The article from Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy brought up the question each group has to ask themselves on how we want to deliver our message in conjunction with how we want the audience’s behaviors to change.

I hope to expand upon behavior change and move our audience toward mastery of eating healthy foods. Mastery learning, as is explained in Bloom’s Mastery Learning, is about seeing that people are individuals, one size does not fit all, and that once you recognize the differences, you can change how you deliver the message to give your audience what they need to be successful.

Two areas that I strove toward mastery are as a karate student at UMA, and as a Reading Corps tutor. What do all these things have in common? Setting goals and pushing past them. In karate you do not start out as a black belt, you have small goals that build on each other. The same goes for reading. A kindergarten student will not be picking up Harry Potter, but instead, they start with letter sounds and build upon that.

If we want behaviors to change for our target audience, we cannot bombard them with overwhelming amounts of change that no one can tackle. Instead, start small. For example, to start eating healthier perhaps, they go out to eat less and start making home cooked meals.

Everyone will need something different to modify their behavior, and our groups need to give people the information so that their confidence grows and that they are inspired to want to change and master the challenge we have set before them.


About Christine Lashinski

Hello, Although I love to travel, my home has always remained in northern Minnesota where I grew up. I love the trees, the water and the seasons. Mosquitoes? Not so much. My parents encouraged reading (they don’t remember doing so, but it’s a pretty major addiction. Someone must be responsible). I’ve read to my husband on road trips (is there anything better than a captive audience?). I've been accused of ruining movies by dissecting them for plot elements. All I can say is its true, and I’m sorry. Christine Lashinski

3 thoughts on “The Mastery, Karate, and Reading Corps Connection

  1. I had no idea of your interest in Karate Christine can’t wait to hear that come up in one of Milts classes. I completely see your association among the reading corp, karate and eating healthy. Now if only I could convince myself I want to take the correct small steps to change and make that a key motivation in a behavioral change. What do you do with knowing you want to change but struggling with making that commitment?

  2. First off, how late were you up last night? I love karate. I have twin uncles who are more like brothers with only a four year difference between us. I watched karate movies with them all the time. Because I have bad hips and really – lets call them strong German legs – I love the reverse side kick. I would do this kick and send my partner back and my sensei would giggle.

    I would say that one you are remarkably busy, which makes it hard to fit in the steps to make a change. I bet it is not so much motivation as time and you are an all in kind of person, but just for fun lets try this. Only start with one side, either healthy eating or exercise. Let’s say you start with healthy eating. When you start with healthy eating I want you to let it sink in – to become a habit – at the very least 21 days before you even think of adding in exercise. The key to helping you succeed is planning, prepping, and participation.
    That’s right, you need an eating right buddy. Somebody to look up recipes with you and check in with you. Think about your day and what you need for meals and snacks – what time of the day is more dangerous for you and what you can do to prevent unhealthy eating during those times.
    Cheer each other on – send each other pictures of the healthy food your eating – notice how you are feeling better and then think of that lecture they give you on the plane about putting on your oxygen mask on first, because you can’t take care of anyone else until you’ve taken care of yourself first. I think that begs repeating. Take. Care. Of. Yourself. First. I give you permission, in an older sister pushy kind of way, but permission none the less.

    Let me know when your ready to start. 🙂

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