Where Does Curiosity Lead You?

My father’s favorite phrase is “just out of curiosity.” He transferred that curiosity to his children. For my brother, that inquisitiveness manifested in everything mechanical. He took apart loads of gadgets to find out how they worked. It took him a few more years to figure out how to put them back together again. Now, he creates amazing things.

Ken Robinson asks the audience in his Ted Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity? With budget cuts in the arts, I have worried about children not being able to engage in creative pursuits. His talk is engaging as he speaks on the importance of creativity as well as educating the whole being of a person.

Steven Lundeen loves to fish year round. For ice fishing, he needed an underwater camera holder that kept the camera at the right position and depth. The products that were on the market were hard to use. He created the Camera Compass, pictured, the Camera Compass keeps the camera from spinning. With this device, you can see your bait, see if there are any fish in the area, and see the structure of the lake bottom. His interest lies in inventing useful products.

For me, my main interest is people. What are their goals? What motivates them? What do they struggle with or against? People are amazingly creative and resilient. Take Dame Stephanie Shirley for instance in her Ted Talk. As a woman in the 1960’s she, along with many other women, hit the glass ceiling. She started to go by the name Steve and opened a successful software company.

I want to learn more about her story, about all stories. The videos we will create are visual stories. Our videos likely won’t be quite as masterfully done as Andrew Stanton’s WALL-E, but in his Ted Talk, he explains how people connect through stories. When we try to encourage someone to care, to change their behavior, a story might be a great place to start.


About Christine Lashinski

Hello, Although I love to travel, my home has always remained in northern Minnesota where I grew up. I love the trees, the water and the seasons. Mosquitoes? Not so much. My parents encouraged reading (they don’t remember doing so, but it’s a pretty major addiction. Someone must be responsible). I’ve read to my husband on road trips (is there anything better than a captive audience?). I've been accused of ruining movies by dissecting them for plot elements. All I can say is its true, and I’m sorry. Christine Lashinski

4 thoughts on “Where Does Curiosity Lead You?

  1. Very interesting, I never thought about curiosity in this way before. I find myself curious about many aspects of life.

  2. Christine I know you are a storyteller in your free time. I actually use stories all the time in my work its a way to ignite the imaginations in folks who work for a bank. These may be the least curious people ever to be honest but when you provide them with an opportunity to tell their story others become curious about them and share more. For me curiousity is that thing that brings about relationships.

  3. You made me smile. I come from a long line of storytellers. They called me ears when I was little because I loved to listen to the adults stories (or because my ears are elf like – I’m going with the former).
    I so agree. Stories are all around us. If you are genuinely curious about a person they will open up, because really the topic we are most interested in is ourselves.

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