To Believe, or Not to Believe, That is the Question.

When something goes wrong, there may be an urge to point fingers and call out who is at fault. Although there may be a certain satisfaction in having someone to blame I do not believe that putting our energy in blaming ever solves problems. I am inclined to move forward and fix the issue.

When I think about pointing fingers, my first thought goes to conspiracy theorists. For example, in the website Want to Know.INFO they speak about cover-ups. Are there cover-ups and manipulations by the government and by the media industry as the website suggests? I am sure there are, but the website, for my perspective, feeds a steady diet of fear to its readers creating paranoia.

Perhaps I have my head in the sand, and am more optimistic than realistic, but I find it hard to believe that the government has mind control programs. Programs that produce assassins like the character Jason Bourne from the Bourne Trilogy. Don’t get me wrong; I love those movies, but a real life mind control program? I am not ready to go into that “rabbit hole.” The website asks us to keep an open mind, but are they? Perhaps the author/s on the site want to believe. We, humans, have incredible imaginations, and we are intrigued by campfire stories.

The biggest question of all for me isn’t about mind control, or assassins, or UFO’s, but is the information on this website credible? When exploring the web, like myself, you may wonder how to evaluate websites to know if the information they are presenting is trustworthy. A great site to start finding answers to your questions is Evaluating Blog Credibility. They discuss such things as the author, affiliations, and how often the website or blog is updated. All great things to keep in mind when we ask ourselves if we believe what we are reading.


About Christine Lashinski

Hello, Although I love to travel, my home has always remained in northern Minnesota where I grew up. I love the trees, the water and the seasons. Mosquitoes? Not so much. My parents encouraged reading (they don’t remember doing so, but it’s a pretty major addiction. Someone must be responsible). I’ve read to my husband on road trips (is there anything better than a captive audience?). I've been accused of ruining movies by dissecting them for plot elements. All I can say is its true, and I’m sorry. Christine Lashinski

4 thoughts on “To Believe, or Not to Believe, That is the Question.

  1. Funny, when the internet first came out and emails came across from people asking for money or promising money for nothing, it truly caputured my attention. “How did that person get my email address if they didn’t really know me or weren’t a part of my social circle?” Now we are well aware of phishing and spamming and other forms of utiliizing this amazing tool to capture our attention and lead us down a path that leads to deception. Thank you for providing a good reasource to help us further test the validity of the things we read on the internet.

  2. You bring up a great point. I think I am aware of phishing and scamming and then they begin something brand new and take advantage of people before the words spreads on their new scam. It is always a good idea to check on validity.

  3. Interesting post Christine. Question for you – how much of your free time do you actually spend researching to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction? I find that sometimes I just feel overwhelmed having to verify what’s true and what’s not in our media. So I have some go to trusted sources but by in large I take most of it with a grain of salt and choose to be entertained by it all.

  4. Great question. I usually go with my gut or to my pal Mary who loves to research what is out in social media. is her favorite source.
    As far as websites go, to find information I am inclined to go with the more credible sources that we could use on research papers. I love research, but usually as a means to procrastinate.

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