Should we really report school shootings nation wide?

Memorials for kids who died in a school shooting.

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Since the Columbine School Massacre in 1999 I feel like I cannot go 6 months without turning on my TV and seeing a school thats had another tragedy of a school shooting. Every time theres a school shooting I feel like the media goes into a frenzy to figure out every detail about the murderers. They not only want to break down motive but they want to break into what kind of music the killer liked, what video games he played, if he had friends, and if he printed any manifesto’s. As soon as said killer has been named a picture of the killer shows up on every major news source as they continue to dive into the persons life. Often times if there is a manifesto they will either make it available for the public or they will link to the source for the interested public to read.

I personally think that in situations like this the news is giving these mass murderers what they essentially wanted to be famous and to be heard. While I do think the localized area should see the story covered in the local news I don’t think that Minnesota should be getting every detail of the church shooting in Charleston, SC. While it is news it really is giving the murders what they want. I don’t think it needed to be the main story of CNN for two weeks after it happened.  According to CNN some reporters such as Anderson Cooper have taken a stand to not name killers on air and some groups such as the ‘No Notoriety’ movement are trying to change the way killers are portrayed in media.

I think the video below reflects just how ridiculous some news reports go with it and it also reflects how tragedy like these should be dealt with by the media.



3 thoughts on “Should we really report school shootings nation wide?

  1. Mark, I think you make an excellent point. By sensationalizing these tragedies, we are in fact giving these monsters the attention they wanted. Instead of focusing on the disturbed individuals who carry out these attacks, we should be focused on the memory/life of the victims.

    On a side note, how did you embed the Youtube video?

  2. Mark great topic for a post. I think the media makes these folks famous or infamous depending on how you see it. After Sandy Hook it was my sincere hope that we could actually do something tangible to stop this problem. When I was younger it was the exception not the rule. Now we have to worry about elementary schools with this type of violence. I was living in CO during Columbine and it vexes me to no end that American’s can’t stop this problem or maybe it’s won’t because we make it a gun issue or a free speech issue. How about a respect for human life and agreeing to disagree issue. How about we help kids who feel isolated and alone issue. We are a rich nation and yet we can’t save our own young people seems very very wrong to me.

    1. I think a large piece of the issue is that its 100x easier to get a gun than it is to get good mental health care. I think that a piece of it too is that mental health care is a big time, energy, and financial commitment but buying a gun and going out in a blaze of infamy is cheap and fast.

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