The Truth about “The Great Jackie Robinson”

I enjoyed watching the movie 42, which is an autobiography of Jackie Robinson. I have always enjoyed and been inspired by Jackie Robinson’s story of becoming the first African American to play professional baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Watching this movie got me looking up some more facts about Jackie Robinson and I started to find many details missing from the movie 42 that I think were influential to the segregation moment.

While researching I stumbled across the article “ The Real Story of Baseball’s Integration That You Won’t See in 42,”by Peter Dreier. This article highlighted how the film 42 ignores the movement that helped and allowed Jackie Robinson to be able to be in the major leagues. The film focused on Jackie Robinson’s and Branch Rickey’s journey but did not highlight the civil rights struggle happening in the United States. Dreier writes, “Robinson would have been disappointed by the film that ignored the centrality of the broader civil right struggle.” Dreier concludes, “The film 42 missed an opportunity to express that Robinson understood that inequalities could not be solved alone but needed activism and protests to help create change.”

This article was an eye opener and reminder to the fact that Jackie Robinson was not only a major player in the American baseball league but also in the Civil Right Movement.

Dreier, Peter. The Atlantic. “The Real Story of Baseball’s Integration That You Won’t See in 42”. Atlantic Media Company, 11 Apr. 2013. Web. 17 May 2016.


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2 thoughts on “The Truth about “The Great Jackie Robinson”

  1. Great Post Rennie – Might be improved if you hyperlinked to the article you site. I’m definitely intrigued.

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