The connection between two influential leaders

What do Hitler and Martin Luther King Jr. have in common? You might have thought you would never see these two names together in one sentence. But, I’m going to explain and point out some connections.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an exceptional leader. During a time in history, when our country was segregated and full of racism. Martin Luther King Jr. was a beacon of hope and equality. He spoke out and helped African Americans have a voice. He started in the churches by being a pastor just like his father. It’s the church that influenced his speech giving abilities. He also found the church to be a go too for sharing ideals, beliefs and hope for African Americans. He is known for his nonviolent approach for equality. He turned negative situations into learning experiences and was not afraid to take a stand and encourage others to take a stand for equality in a peaceful manner. Martin Luther King Jr. helped bridge a gap at a time when African Americans felt there was no hope for equality. He lead and organized the Civil Rights Movement.

imageAdolf Hitler was a military operations leader during World War II. He was determined to have complete control and a master race of Germany and even the world. He was a leader that demanded authority and “lead with an iron fist” creating his dictatorship. He was known for his influential speech giving where he made a majority of his country believe in his personal beliefs and to follow outrageous demands. He used fear and violence as a tactic to control the people around him. He used the media of the time to get his word out to the people. Adolf Hitler gave a fighting spirit back to Germany after World War I, with his speeches and determination. Unfortunately, he was power hungry and had violent ideals of what the country and world should be.

So how are these two connected? Both came during a time when people were tired and wanted changes they were looking for answers and hope. They were both extremely influential leaders. Martin Luther King Jr. and Hitler had igniting and influential ability to reach people with their speeches. Both used media to their advantage to spread and get their messages heard. Both of these leaders were passionate and believed completely in what they were fighting for. Just goes to show you how impactful a leader can be in desperate times.

Martin Luther King Jr. summarization is from- Ling, Peter J., Dr. “Martin Luther King’s Style of Leadership.” BBC History. British Broadcasting Corporation, 01 April 2003. Web. 19 May 2015.

Hitler summarization is from- Megargee, Geoffery, Dr. “Hitler’s Leadership Style.” BBC History. British Broadcasting Corporation, 30 Mar. 2011. Web. 19 May 2016.


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2 thoughts on “The connection between two influential leaders

  1. Rennie – you are correct I never thought these two would be viewed as similar. It is interesting though that both did create a culture of change and used media to aid in their intentions.
    You may want to hyperlink to your sources to help readers more quickly identify to your sources.

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