The Healing Power Of Cats

With racing thoughts and a jackhammering heart I write this. I’m one of the many who have generalized anxiety disorder.  If you are fortunate enough not to have panic attacks I will describe how they feel in the following list.

  • Like your soul is trying to scratch its way out of your skin
  • Like your mind is on fast-forward and the soundtrack is god-awful hair metal
  • Like your body is running away from bear

Basically, it is awful. You know what I do to ease the tension of anxiety?

Watch cat videos! I love those hairy little monsters of destruction!

Who doesn’t feel better after the kitten rendition of Batman Vs. Superman?

I understand that not everyone loves cats. So maybe you feel better after watching cute puppies play, or seeing babies giggle. For me, cats are healing. Like my cat Harvey (he is a business cat) our felines like to work (or be petted). Business of what you may ask? Destroying stuff, being soft, and entertaining the masses just by being themselves.

Business Cat

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Maybe cats aren’t the only natural remedy for anxiety. In some people, our feline friends can cause more anxiety! For those folks here is some advice.,,20669377,00.html

By using tea, mindfulness, making sure blood sugar is at a good level, can also help with anxiety and panic attacks. Of course cuddling with your favorite pet will also help! Or watching a favorite movie, T.V. show, and listening to music can also reduce stress.


3 thoughts on “The Healing Power Of Cats

  1. Nice blog post for those of us who need to settle down but don’t know how! Sounds to me like I better get a cat…maybe. Thanks for writing!

  2. Anxiety disorders are more rampant now than ever before….I can’t help but think some of this is tied to the constant influx of information and technology and our inability to simply shut it off. I am a dog glad my pups do that for me. Oh and essential oils can help too!

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