What’s wrong with sports articles? (Contributing to critical public discource: the analytic post)


I am a huge sports fan and I often find myself reading these types of articles on a daily basis. Although, there are often times where I question the author and some statements they make. It is as these statements are made just to spark a senseless debate that will not lead to nothing. So for that reason, I chose to critique this article about the Warriors repeating this year as NBA champions. Note that this article was made right after this season started.

The author notes that LeBron James is “getting old”. The guy is only 31 years old! He definitely still has another title run in him. The author has a bias that old athletes can’t compete or win a title. Even though, LeBron is not considered old in my definition. The uses this as another bullet point to add to a list of reasons while the Warriors will repeat. It is if he is just beefing up the article with senseless points that do not make a whole lot of sense.

Another senseless/biased point is about there’s franchise history to be made by the Bay. So the Warriors are going to win a title just because they want to go to the playoffs or repeat? Doesn’t every team in the league want to go to the playoffs and win a title? It just feels like the statements made by the author are there to prove his point, but the statements are valid in my opinion. He backs some of them up, with more statements that are not true or accurate.

In conclusion, a majority of sports articles are opinions that are not backed up with the proper information. Rather, the information used to back up statements are more opinion based rather than actual facts.





3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with sports articles? (Contributing to critical public discource: the analytic post)

  1. Hi Dominic!

    I agree that Lebron is definitely still young!

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sports articles. I actually just read our assigned readings for tomorrow and I think it brings up a good point. I followed your link and it lead me to what looked like a blog. The readings this week brought up the topic of the differences between bloggers and journalists. Journalists are required to use factual information and remain “balanced” in what they do. Bloggers are independent and free to voice whatever opinion they have. In this case, the writer is simply voicing his opinion and I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with it. I would even compare it to your blog here and how you wrote that 31 is young. The writer of the blog you wrote about might swing by this blog and see what you wrote and think it’s just as crazy as you think his is! It’s all a matter of opinion with blogs and they’re not always right.

    31 years old is young!

    1. It does appear as a blog. I agree. With that being said, although opinions are warranted in a blog, it angers me when there is no validity to them. I could say that the Timberwolves will win the title next year, but if my only reason to believe that is because they are young, well then the more educated readers will quickly shoot down my theory. I like the idea of blogging because it allows me to share my opinions, but if you want to be taken seriously, especially in the world of sports where stats are so crucial in argument, then you better be able to back up your opinion……. Also, it makes me feel so old when athletes are talked about as being washed up when they hit 30.

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