Do It Yourself (DIY)

I’m not a huge fan of DIY projects and I would actually probably prefer to not do half of the ones I do, but I love saving money! Materialistic things can be so expensive and lucky for us; we have Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to guide on how to DIY anything. Check out the updated DIY couch I created:

DIY: check out the blog post today on DIY projects

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I spray painted the entire frame gold (well, my sweet husband and kind brother actually did it for me), sanded the wooden handles so they would be lighter in color, and re-upholstered the entire thing! The dark (and ugly) cushion covers had to go. I created “no-sew”; yes, I said no-sew; bright cushion covers that were to my taste. No-sew is a new concept to me and I worry my cushion covers will rip apart one day, but it’s temporary and it’ll do. I also created the throw pillows because as you know; throw pillows can be fairly expensive. My pillows probably cost me about $4 to make (each).

DIY Wedding Centerpieces           

Another DIY project I took on was for my own wedding. If you read my previous blog, “How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding?”; I was very budget conscious so I took a lot of matters into my own hands. I created my own centerpieces. I was inspired by Pinterest to create a rustic theme that included the color gold.

DIY Blog on wordpress today!

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I used beer bottles, mason jars, extra random jars and wine bottles to create my centerpieces. My bridesmaids and I scraped all of the labels of, dried them off and spray painted everything.

DIY projects are great because everything is personalized to your liking and are such money savers, but they are exhausting!

What’s a DIY project you’ve been dying to start or DIY projects you have done in the past?


7 thoughts on “Do It Yourself (DIY)

  1. I love DIY! Or maybe I should say that I love the idea of it because I haven’t done too much of it myself. The only thing I’ve really done is made a bed frame out of white painted pallets. My sisters are very crafty (much more than I am) and they do DIY home decor all the time. They both DIY’d their weddings, so I’m hoping to pick up some of their craftiness so I can use it for my wedding and my home thereafter. Great post!

    1. I’m impressed with the bed frame DIY project you’re talking about. I would love to be able to create a bed frame, but I am not so sure I trust myself measuring accurately.

      And nice! The good thing about your sisters DIYing their weddings is that you can use some of their stuff! Win-win!

  2. Wow, I’m really impressed. As someone who has minimal value when it comes to creating/fixing things, I’m a bit envious of your handiness! With that said, I also haven’t ventured into the world of Pinterest.

    Next project that comes along is going to be a DIY! Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Thank you! Although, I wouldn’t call it handiness at all. I’m far from that! You should definitely try DIYs though. They save you so much money and are kind of fun to do.

  3. Yer I loved this post. So my mum graduated from Uni in the UK with a equivalent to a Masters in “Domestic Arts” think Home Ec and Shop on Steroids. She’s so so artistic and crafts she comes up with the most amazing things. I’m a bit more practical and cheap. So I do things I know I can attack cheaper than buy them. I cut a coffee table in half and turned it into a bench/dog house for the living room. I’ve built decks on both my parents houses and generally make at least one gift for each of my family members at the holidays each year. Right now in my to do list for that is to upcycle 40 years of TShirts into a dual sided bed spread as well as doing some personalization of beach towels and some repurposed glow in the dark plant stands/pots. I love using social media to pull ideas. That said my love of DIY may override my Tiny House love as I have soo darn much “supplies” for DIY yet to be used.

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