Political Flip Floppers Anonymous

Do you trust these people?

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Its election season again and just like every other American you’ve seen enough politics to be done for the next 4 years and its not even November yet. one of the things you’ve surely seen is at least one circumstance of a candidate attacking another candidate. Often times they can get quite personal with their attacks. In this cycle, I feel like the presidential debates were more insults than politics.

The amazing thing is that in this election more than other ones there has been a media presence surrounding Donald Trump. He’s been the most outrageous candidate. He has very extreme views on Mexicans and Muslims but he keeps getting all of the free press, to be fair though it makes for good money on the news behalf.

“This guy’s a choke artist.”

Some of the attacks are just outrageous in the sense that they have nothing to do with politics. From calling Marco Rubio a choke artist to calling ted cruz a liar. Marco Rubio ended up eventually making fun of Donald Trump for his failed businesses and having small hands. Rubio even had a rally where he insulted Trump to pump up those in attendance.

Can I get some politics please?

The biggest problem is that while the insults can be funny for a moment, it doesn’t tell me what qualifies the person as a presidential candidate or why we should take you seriously. What are your views on foreign policy? What would you do to healthcare? How are you going to help build the economy? These are all big issues that aren’t talked about nearly as much as how big someones hands are. Its pathetic!

The biggest problem I have is that after all of those exchanges telling me why that candidate is not a good fit for the presidency, once someone has been eliminated they will endorse the person winning. Chris Christie, Ben Carson and now Marco Rubio who all blasted trump have now endorsed the man.

The worst part of that they’ve been honest that their intent is to join his staff. Trump offered Ben Carson a position on his cabinet if he was endorsed. It really makes me sick to my stomach that this has been going on. It just feels crooked.


2 thoughts on “Political Flip Floppers Anonymous

  1. Completely agree. Honestly here is where our media has made it sooo much worse. I hate this time of year it makes it look like we are idiots in the U.S. What will the rest of the world think of us when the new President has been decided. Frankly I long for the days of JFK where we didn’t know all the ins and outs and inner workings and we could actually trust and believe in a leader. Social media has honestly made it so that no human can truly reach that office as we’ve all done things we aren’t proud of or changed our mind on something. Ughhhh lets just get on with it. Worse than the Kardahians!

    1. I understand how the secretiveness of the times of JFK were good for keeping people trusting in their gov’t and the propaganda that went along with it. But, I think that with social media what can start to happen is people can start doing a better job of holding the politicians accountable. Thats one thing I love about Jon Stewart and John Oliver, They really dig deep on politicians and show how awful they can be when they seem so nice and good at other times.

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