The Kardashian Phenomenon

With a simple search on TMZ’s website, you can find just about any and every dirty detail regarding celebrities, sports, and entertainment in the form of a faintly witty tabloid-style presentation. If you’ve ever flipped through your television channels, you probably know that, from time to time, you’ve landed on a channel featuring Harvey Levin (TMZ’s host) gossiping with journalists amongst the numerous cubicles at TMZ headquarters in Los Angeles.

You may call it celebrity news, but it seems much more gossipy than that. TMZ has an obsession with exploiting the smallest issues and creating bigger issues (or magnifying normal issues more than necessary). If you think about it, though, TMZ probably wouldn’t exist if they didn’t do this. Their news is not intelligent and it seems that they’re only seeking to be boisterous and catch the attention of viewers at the expense of Hollywood stars.

One topic they really enjoy discussing is the Kardashians. I can understand this because I’ve watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians and obviously see that the drama of the family’s life is probably just absolutely irresistible to TMZ. Although, throughout watching the Kardashians, I find myself constantly thinking that all of their problems are first-world problems. When I really think about it, I realize that they really aren’t famous for any other reason than due to the workings of Robert Kardashian (the Kardashian father) who, as an attorney, helped O.J. Simpson during his trial in 1996.

The spotlight was illuminated and has not been unplugged ever since 1996. TMZ picks up on any inkling of drama just to get a good story and to keep viewers attentive. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know—it really is hard to tell because all of TMZ’s “news” is so in-your-face.


One thought on “The Kardashian Phenomenon

  1. I can’t stand those folks. Famous for perpetuating their own fame. Total First World Issue. Agree.

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