Curt Schilling: “Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump”

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
Hey Schilling, You’re “FIRED!”

The development of blogging has brought about a valuable space for public discourse. Regardless of the accuracy, everyday people can now share their beliefs on a myriad of topics. Furthermore, the ability of readers to interject their opinions has proven to be a powerful tool to take the discussion to the next step—inspiring social action. While I have a great appreciation for the first amendment, and the right every individual has to possess the beliefs that they do, there is also a newfound responsibility for readers/bloggers to utilize critical thought when reading blogs. This stands true for Curt Schilling’s article “Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump”.

Now, I can appreciate the fact that the election year brings about strongly held beliefs by individuals that deeply care about the direction America is going. However, it’s irresponsible for individuals (especially public figures) to spread inaccurate information.

Let’s unpack that!

To begin, take a look at the article that’s in question Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump. Now assuming you were able to navigate through this grammatical atrocity, you may be wondering who Curt Schilling even is. Not being a major sport fan myself, I was clueless. Here’s a quick description, courtesy of Wikipedia Who is Curt Schilling?. For those of you that would prefer the express description, Curt Schilling is a former baseball player turned conservative political commentator. According to his article, he is a long time friend of Donald Trump who has been asked multiple times to appear on The Apprentice. His article lays out his argument as to why he is choosing to vote for Trump in November.

Now that we have that formality taken care of, let’s move into the critical evaluation piece. As a discerning reader, I don’t even know where to begin. While I could unleash a litany of structural and grammatical attacks upon the article, I’d prefer to concentrate my time on the feeble nature of his poorly conceived arguments. To lend some organization to the thoughts that have been purged upon us, I’ll address Schilling’s argument for voting for Trump, his attack on the media, and lastly his reasoning as to why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be our next president.


Schilling’s Argument for Trump

  • “I trust him. I don’t agree with him on many things, that’s cool. I also know that there is and never will be a candidate anywhere that I will agree with on everything. That candidate doesn’t exist. If you say it does I think that makes you a sheep, someone afraid to have or voice an original, albeit unpopular, opinion at times.”

Ok, fair enough. I’ll agree that it’s rare that any individual would totally agree with the public official they vote for. However, where are his reasons as to why he trusts him? Trust without valid reasoning is useless.

  • “While I don’t agree with him there are two incredibly important things he possesses that neither candidate on the Soviet ticket do. He loves this country. You can laugh, you can mock, but you also are full of crap if the current administration has ever given you the confidence that they love this nation above all else. He will protect my family, and my loved ones. I say that because Mr Trump is where he is for one major reason. He’s been successful because he understands that surrounding yourself with smart people and listening to them, then parsing ideas and deciding, is how you win. Not all the time, but most of the time. When he says he will ‘make the military great’ he means “I’m going to create a group of men and women I trust to rebuild the worlds greatest armed forces and then insure that you and your family are protected BEFORE looking out for the interests of others”.”

I think it’s grossly inaccurate to insinuate that any of the presidential candidates don’t love America, including Donald Trump. After all, running for president is not an easy undertaking, it requires dedication and grit. Both candidates on the Democratic side have spent their entire careers in public service for America. I think we can confidently say that that they both deeply care about this country.

  • “I firmly believe that to know the real heart and soul of a man you look at his children. Who are they, what are they, and how do they act. I’ve never, even for a second, heard his children speak with anything but respect, courtesy, integrity and confidence. While you may think they are ‘spoon fed’ rich kids, experience tells me they have busted their asses to make their own way and be their own people.”

Now this is where things start to get fun, or should I say funny? This is a terribly conceived argument! I could just as easily assert that Chelsea Clinton embodies the exact same qualities. Would his opinion of Hillary Clinton change based on the character of her daughter?


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Liberal Media Rant

After laying out his ill-conceived argument for supporting Donald Trump, he then moves into a full on attack of the media.

“Trump doesn’t want to ban Muslims or Mexican immigrants.”

Oh really?…

Donald Trump on Banning Muslims

Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration

Now, it’s important to add that while both of these statements came with precursors, the hate embedding within the message is clear. Furthermore, Schilling makes this false assertion regarding the Obama administration:

“This current administration has made no bones about ‘disarming’ both our border patrol and our first responders in a rush to make sure everyone, even criminals, don’t have their rights infringed on.”

Is that really true? If so, how did Obama get the nickname Deporter-in-Chief? Check out this article from Politico NCLR head: Obama ‘deporter-in-chief’.


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Hillary Clinton Rant

After attempting to set the media on the path of correction, Schilling launches into an attack on Hillary Clinton.

“You would honest to god have the public believe that one of the most evil, despicable corrupt, lying phonies ever to walk this earth, should be the highest democratic nominee of the highest position in this land.”

“The ONLY reason I wanted to see Mrs. Fiorina, or Mrs. Palin, or Condolezza Rice involved was to finally have this nation see what a true woman who can lead looks and sounds like one the same stage.”

I’m once again left speechless. I believe most people would concede that Hillary Clinton exhibits leadership qualities, regardless of political affiliation. You may not agree with how she leads, but to deny her decades of service would be the equivalent to saying Donald Trump doesn’t possess entertainment value.

The second issue I have with these statements is the incredibly sexist message that accompanies his rudimentary outlook. The “ONLY” reason he would like to see a Republican woman in the race is so that the country can compare and contrast? Really?! Why doesn’t he highlight their careers, accomplishments or character? Better yet, why does it matter that she is a woman at all? To put it in polite terms, these statements are profoundly ignorant.


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Final Thoughts

While its clear that Mr. Schilling is passionate in sharing his opinions, the sophomoric quality of his arguments are remarkable. As a public figure, I find the bold inaccuracies of his assertions dangerous. As I said in my opening, I believe that it is the discerning reader/blogger’s responsibility to demand a higher standard from individuals who have a voice. For that reason, I would strongly encourage Mr. Schilling to do some fact checking before burdening society with the negative externality of his thought. On a final note, it’s also worth noting that since writing this article, Schilling was let go from his most recent job due to disparaging remarks made about transgender individuals Hey Schilling, You’re Fired!  Strikeout!



2 thoughts on “Curt Schilling: “Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump”

  1. Really good post Sam! I’m so sad to see what my party is doing in having Trump as the presumptive nominee. Scares the heck out of me to be honest. And more so when I know someone in my family is truly behind him. It makes my head spin. Yes if elected he’ll get a lot of good minds surrounding him BUT he’s still the representation of the USA and frankly not the one I want my family and friends around the world to see. I guess the real question for my party is how to come to something reasonable…..something that’s not so crazy liberal….not a jackass….not a closed minded fool. There must be a way to be a fiscally responsible person who cares about others in society and doesn’t want to infringe on others rights and yet doesn’t want big government either. God help us all if I’m the voice of my parties sanity. Cause Lord knows TRUMP is NOT – what he is, is a master of the media and getting people hyped up. I only wish it doesn’t get him the Presidency.

    1. Thanks for taking this one on, Karen. When I originally wrote this, I imagined it would be quite controversial. I appreciate your willingness to lend your perspective to the discussion. Thank you!

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