Is it November yet?

I don’t like to wish time away, but I can’t wait for the 2016 presidential election to be over. The mudslinging and sophomoric behavior, from both sides, demonstrates the candidates’ lack of respect for the American people.

Because of their right-leaning views, Fox News’ website posts more unfavorable articles about Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. They often include the most unflattering photos they can find, too. While I don’t care for either of the front-runners, as a woman, I especially don’t like Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric against women.


When Trump responds to Hillary’s criticisms of his offensive views on women, I expect him—and Fox News—to come back with an article that attacks Hillary for a similar offense. Instead, I saw the headline: Trump: Hillary’s married to ‘the Worst Abuser of Women in the History of Politics’.

Seriously? While I agree Bill Clinton is a sleaze ball, the article does not illustrate clear examples of where Hillary said disparaging things against women. Fight fair, Trump. You cannot blame Hillary for Bill’s roaming eyes—and hands. Trump goes on to claim Hillary “would go after these women [who Bill had affairs with] and destroy their lives.” If so, provide me with the evidence to back up the claims. Surely, Fox News has a vault full ammunition to use against Hillary—so use it.

Opening a Can of Worms

I have a hard time believing much of what either candidate says on the campaign trail. But when Trump brought Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals into the mix, he should have known he opened up a can of nasty worms.

Trump invited the left-leaning views of the Daily Show to highlight disturbing things he has said about his own daughters. However, unlike Trump and Fox News, they have the video clips with Trump’s own words to back up their claims.

It’s bad enough to hear how Trump objectifies women, but to hear his comments about his own daughters adds another thicker layer of ICK! See for yourself. The following clips are so disturbing and creepy:

  • Mother Jones: Trump (1994) response when asked which features his one-year daughter has of his and what features she has of then-wife Marla. He wonders about her breasts!
  • Daily Show:  Trump (2006)talking about another daughter saying, “I’ve said that perhaps if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, I’d be dating her.”


I cannot believe the women in Trump’s life don’t put a gag over his mouth. Could you support a parent in a high-profile race after they repeatedly said inappropriate and disturbing things–including things about you?


2 thoughts on “Is it November yet?

  1. I suspect there is not a gag from the women in his life as that would mean less cash too. Sad but likely true.

  2. I just wish we had better candidates to choose from all the way around. Let’s wipe the ballot clean and start fresh…ready?… GO!

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