Child Bride

too young to wed

Last night before bed, I was scrolling through my Facebook and came across an article about a child bride that was oddly written by the child bride herself. Her story captivated me and connected with me on an emotional level.

Read her story here or read my quick recap below:

Yasmine’s story begins as a child. Her two older sisters were married off when they were teenagers, but Yasmine never knew about it until she was forced into marriage too. A year after Yasmine graduated from middle school, her mother and grandma took her to Palestine to find her a mate.

Yasmine  Yasmine’s 8th Grade Graduation Photo

Yasmine was tricked into going to Palestine as she was told it was a vacation to visit her sisters. As much as she wanted to run away, she couldn’t. She didn’t have her passport or any money. So she ended up marrying a man for a few weeks until she could get a hold of her friends via Facebook. It was through her friend that she got the contact information to get help. Since then, she has returned to the United States. She has been in three foster care homes and thought she would be until she turned 18. However, one day she got the news of a lifetime. A foster family wanted her and they wanted her to be a part of their family forever. In her new life, Yasmine graduated high school and received a full ride scholarship to a University.

Yasmine graduates
 Yasmine’s High School Graduation with her new family

There are many details that my summary above didn’t touch on, but I didn’t want to rewrite her story. If you have the time, I would highly suggest reading the article. It is incredibly touching and heartfelt.

Yasmine’s Courage

I applaud Yasmine for her courage to use her mother-in-law’s lab top to contact her friends via Facebook and I am amazed at her bravery to use the mobile phone her husband gave her to call the Embassy for help. It has to be difficult going against everyone in your family, ruining their “reputation”, and knowing that your relationship with your family will be slim to none after an act like that.

yasmine bride Yasmine’s Wedding Day

My Position on Child Brides

The entire concept of child brides is so wrong. How could it be right? Even if the child consents to marrying a man, it’s still wrong. A child is mostly influenced by their family, then teachers or community leaders and then by their society. If a child’s parents are telling her that getting married as a young girl is the right thing to do; then it’s likely that the child is going to think it’s the right thing to do. A child bride isn’t thinking for herself when she consents because she is being highly influenced by her parents, relatives and religious leaders. How can a young girl say no to those people?

I would even go as far as saying that even if the child bride had an option and she chose to marry; it’s still wrong. I think we can all think back to a time when we were younger and made poor choices, but at the time they seemed like they were the right decisions. A child bride simply has not had the time for personal growth and has not had enough life experiences to make that sort of decision.


4 thoughts on “Child Bride

  1. Agree its wrong and it’s been wrong for some time but as we’ve discussed in class in many areas of the world this is a cultural norm. Heck it was in the US for many years when being settled. I suspect we have to think of the cultural contexts. What I really like about what you’ve shared is that Social Media was used for good to change even one persons life for the better. Thanks for sharing. Really makes us think about our little first world problems doesn’t it.

    1. Honestly, I think that even if I consider the cultural context of the situation; it’s still wrong. That’s just my position. If it gets to the point where it endangers someone, then I believe it becomes everyone else’s problem too. I would consider marrying as a child to be endangerment. This reminds me of a discussion on marital abuse. There was a court case that ruled the in favor of the man who beat his wife because the wife “should’ve known” that those were the types of things that could happen upon marriage in their culture. I personally don’t agree with that because even though that was culturally true; it isn’t right. There has to be a line. I think there should be some universal human rights, which I understand would be difficult to do. I think you have to interfere as little as possible when it comes to cultural issues, but a general rule of thumb should be that if a person’s life is endangered, then it’s considered a violation of human rights. Okay, that’s me going on a tangent.

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