Ever Been to Greece?

According to Business Insider, Greece is # 5 on the top 20 countries to travel to. If you’re thinking of going on a big vacation anytime soon, I could not recommend Greece more. From its food to its history, you will never get bored with exploring the country.

I went to Greece in the Fall of 2014 for a two month Bible school. We did a lot of traveling around the country and the Aegean Sea (by sailboat of course); every few days, we were in a new place. Greece’s character and beauty left an impression on me and I still dream of being back there to this day (hopefully I will get to go back after graduation).


Greece’s rich history is incredible to see with your own eyes. These places that you’ve read about in your history books are all real–it’s amazing to feel like you’re physically walking through your history book! I visited Ancient Philippi, Ancient Corinth (and the Corinth Canal), the Acropolis in Athens (and the Parthenon), and many other sites. I also visited the islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, which were much more touristy compared to many of the smaller “fishing villages” and islands we spent time at.


The difficult part about recommending Greece for travel is that I want to recommend everything because it’s an amazing country! If I had to narrow it down, I would tell others to be sure to visit Athens. This was my favorite big city because it mixed history with modernism so well. You can take a walk up to the Acropolis and the Parthenon during the day, then come down for some afternoon shopping at the stores and flea market (GREAT shopping in Athens), and cap it all off with a metro ride to Gazi for dinner/drinks/dancing. The locals will be puffing on their hookahs while lounging around on the couches outside each restaurant/club—feel free to follow suit.


One last word: whatever you do when/if you visit Greece, be sure to eat a gyro. I dare you to eat just one (most days, I consumed a copious amount—no shame). The gyros are not like the ones we have here. In Greece, it’s more like fast food, but not that bad for you because it’s not America and it’s much fresher. Plus, it’s much cheaper than the gyros here (roughly 2 euro or $2.25). You get a choice of chicken or pork, and yes, the fries come right inside the pita bread with everything else. You will find them everywhere in Greece and I guarantee that you will be in love.

Next time you want to take a big vacation and can’t decide on a destination, look no further than the country that essentially started it all in the Western world.

P.S. My mouth is watering at the thought of a gyro from Greece…

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