Bad choices are not choices


ThinkstockPhotos-176936509_1I have had the duty and privilege of voting in 7 Presidential Elections since turning 18. 

I can honestly say in each and every one I’ve voted what my conscience and research lead me to as the best possible choice for the country.

In some cases my choices have won the elections, in others they have not.  I’ve voted for Republicans 4 times and Democrats 3 times.

My allegiance is to the person whom I believe can best lead the nation; sometimes that is due to internal issues going on within the US and, at others, in the larger world around the globe.

In a prior post I talked about the fact that my parents divorced when I was 10; what I didn’t share then was that from that time on I grew up in a politically divided house as a result of the split custody determination of my parents.  My mom, as an English citizen, does not have the right to vote in the U.S. and frankly she likes it that way.  She prefers not to be responsible for choosing the leader of the free world as POTUS is commonly known.  My step-dad, on the other hand, has been a staunch Democrat all his life.  In their home we learned of the great Hubert Humphrey and JFK and more Democratic heroes.  Just about the time we’d be fully indoctrinated, we’d have to head to my Dad and step-mom’s place who, as you probably surmised from my very first blog post, based on their military careers were equally as staunch, but were Republicans.  There we learned all about the Reagan era and the greatness of the Republican party.

What’s funny that in both houses we heard takes on the Winston Churchill quote,

“If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you don’t have a heart. But if you’re not conservative when you’re old, you don’t have a brain.”

Needless to say, basically my sister and I learned very quickly to make up our own minds and then to keep our mouths shut at either house based on how we voted.  We understood the importance of voting at its core.  Unfortunately, that was then and, sadly, this is now.

For the first time in my life I’m seriously considering not voting. 

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Could not agree more!

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The choice has come down to the two people, both of whom have been accused of horrible illegal acts, and whom apparently the American public feels is Americas’ Dreadful Choice, and that neither is worthy of the highest office in our nation as the Washington Examiner article puts it.  Just look at these articles on either side.

Against Trump?  Here’s your side of the story; just look at these headlines:

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Dems choice

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Color me shocked that it’s red vs blue as we march toward the final head-to-head contest.  I think the only surprise was the landslide on the one side and the battle on the other.

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Blue or Red – Is there no other option?

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Hillary not your gal?  Here’s your viewpoint; the headlines color a pretty picture don’t you think?

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Repbs choice

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Is this really the best America can produce for its people?

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Seriously no other options?!?!?

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It’s maddening that this is what we’ve come to.  I guess America really can no longer send someone to the White House to do the right thing for her citizens by her choice.

Oh no wait maybe I do have an option….I think may have to cast may vote this way in the end…..

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Yep that is pretty much how I feel about our choices!

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Well I guess there’s always 2020 right?  – I say WRONG.

I say what we are seeing in these two candidates is exactly what we as Americans asked for and exactly what we want in a President.

In Hillary’s case, voters loved the idea that you were getting a two for the price of one in Bill and Hillary.  She wasn’t even an elected official and still had enough power to be the original undisputed author of the Democratic fight for healthcare for all.  How would that happen if she was so despised?  Consider that despite all the rumors of illegality in the Clinton presidency, remember two for the price of one, she was elected Senator by an ample margin.  Then she had enough clout to become the Secretary of State when it was clear that 2008 was not to be her turn in the Oval.  It’s clear she will be the first woman to run for the most powerful office in the US.  If the Democrats hate her so much, then how is it she keeps getting put in power?  I say that she will bring out the voters in droves for the idea of having voted for a woman for the Office of the President of the United States.

If you sit on the other side of the aisle, I say to you that Donald Trump did exactly what the Republicans set out to do after the abysmal loss of Mitt Romney in 2012.  They wanted the voters to redefine them and demand change.  Trump did just that.  Clearly he’s winning by landslides over the other candidates.  So again, if he’s so hated, why did he get the nomination on lock down so easily and early.  I say to you its because people love what he’s saying.  He’s the complete outsider breaking all the rules and coming in as the underdog.  And we Americans love our underdogs.  We love it when someone calls it like they see it.  Clearly he has the votes to be the party’s choice.  Republicans will rally around him bringing in experts to guide him to “Make America Great Again.”  They like the come from behind win, and it will be history if he wins, as he’ll have done it by campaigning for less than a year, unlike all the typical players.

So I say to you either way America is getting exactly what she wants in these two candidates and that the voters will come out in droves to defend their candidate of choice in 2016.

The only question left is who will make history going into 2017 as the next President; the former First Lady turned Democratic Darling or the Businessman who walked in and took the party’s nomination by saying what resonated with the Republican base. 


2 thoughts on “Bad choices are not choices

  1. I’m struggling with his election as well…Lord help us! Thank you for all of this good information.

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