Finding Flow

When I’m talking about a project I just completed, an idea, and most recently course work, friends often ask me, “How do you have time to do that!?” Most of the time I respond with an “I don’t know, I just do.” That is honestly the truth. I don’t know how I get half the things done while still managing to get a few winks of sleep and quality time with my family. Oddly enough, being busy is how I find my flow. When I am feeling focused and energized, I can find more than 24 hours in a day.

While I don’t find flow all that often in course work, I find it in being creative and producing something tangible. If assignments have a creative aspect, I can easily get lost in them.

In the Zone

Five years ago I decided I needed to crochet. Why? I have no idea, but true to my ENTJ self, I was bound and determined to figure it out. I bought a pack of hooks, a book, a skein of yarn and sat down with Professor Google.  Two days later I figured out all the stitches and felt practice time was over. I remember staying up WAY too late that evening.

I was energized and in the zone. I didn’t care that I would be getting up at 5:00am to start the morning routine. I was determined and focused on making something. That following morning, I placed a little green caterpillar in eager little hands.

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How do you find your flow?

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