Toucan Love

It’s Sunday night and I am WAY distracted. I have a list of things to do however my fingers found their way to the laptop and “a googling” they went. One thing led to another and BOOM!! the most AMAZING earrings appeared in front of my face!!

Let me tell you a little bit about me and fashion. I have NO sense of fashion. When I am getting ready for the day, I have one rule…..”You touch it, you wear it”. Meaning if I pull it off the hanger, it goes on me, not the floor or back on the hanger. Why? Simple, I spent too much time worrying about what to wear and how I looked. Don’t get me wrong, I care about my looks, but I got stuck in a vicious cycle of wearing the same things while new things and old favorites sat on the hanger. I needed to change it up a bit and that one rule has made all the difference!!

Keeping it Simple

When it comes to accessories, I love the accessorized look on others but for me, MEH, I keep it simple. I LOVE bracelets and have a few, however never wear them as there isn’t room for them next to my Polar M400. Swapping out my M400 for a bracelet is not an option. I don’t leave home without that. Unless it’s an uber formal occasion, it actually never comes off! Rarely do I wear necklaces, but do love to throw on a scarf, even in the summer. Yeah, I am weird like that. When it comes to rings, my left hand sports my wedding ring while my right sees a little more variety. I cycle through a few during the week over on that side. Now, when it comes to earrings, well that’s when I get a little crazy! I LOVE earrings and change mine out daily. Sometimes even twice a day if I feel like it 🙂

Now, back to those FABULOUS toucan earrings, thanks to Amazon Prime I should have them in few days! So while I wait for them to arrive, I had a little fun making a style board in Polyvore.


What’s your favorite way to accessorize?

2 thoughts on “Toucan Love

  1. “You touch it, you wear it” is such a great rule! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my mind after getting dressed in the morning. I’ll have to try that mindset and see if it helps save me some time. 🙂 Also, cute earrings and style board! You have a fabulous sense of taste. You’re going to be stylish all summer long! 😀

  2. I so going to use your rule – as you have seen I have no sense of fashion so the idea of having to think about wardrobe sends me for a look. Loved the post and the earrings.

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