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This morning I honked my horn at least eight times before 9 am.  It’s really beginning to be apparent  that other drivers just don’t see anything that’s going on around them. Some drivers actually only look directly in front of their vehicle and only focus on mere yards ahead their moving vehicle.   How is this possible?

Hey! Do you see me here?  I’ve been coming up on ya for the last mile and a half.  Can you move over?  Because I don’t want to pass on the right.

For example, on a three lane highway.  There are left, center, and right lanes.  The left traveling lane is for passing.  The center is for just traveling.  The right is for entering and exiting which includes various merging and yielding maneuvers.  The left lane should be the easiest lane for travel because your only task in the left lane should be passing those who are on the right of you in the center lane.  So, that you can find your comfortable spot ahead of them which does not cause them to brake or veer from their traveling lane.  If you are traveling in the passing lane without passing anybody you may travel in that lane until someone is approaching from behind using the passing lane.  Then you should move into the center lane without having to increase your current speed and allow the approaching driver to pass you at their higher speed.  Passing in the left lane is the safest because of the slowest merging and yielding  drivers traveling in the right and center lanes.  morning-traffic

Think! How can skiers and snowboarders make it down the hill without crashing?  I trust that after they get into their car and drive they will keep an eye on everybody that’s on the road around them. 

Driving is like skiing except it is much more difficult to stop on a mountain of snow.  But see how each skiier has there own lane.  They manage  to not crash into eachother and continue their forward motion.  The fun part about the skiing is when you get to pass and cross lanes and do figure eights without causing yourself or anybody else to fall down. Comparing a group of drivers to a group of skiers having a day on the slopes may not be realistic for some but this is how I see it.  I see that they both pretty much follow an etiquette.

  • You don’t want to crash or cause anybody else to go off course.
  • You stay alert and observant.
  • You have to know what’s ahead of you in the direction you’re going.
  • Also be aware of what’s happening behind you.  Sounds easy right?
  • Follow the signs and use all of the lanes correctly.
  • Remain in your lane and in motion until you must do so otherwise.
  • Prepare for impeding traffic.
  • Always zipper merge.

You should be constantly looking around to see where everybody is going.  Finding a spot for you to hang back where you are not tied up in a big traffic jam.  There is a law of motion and respecting the law will keep you safe.  Where one object is in motion it shall remain in motion until a force equal or greater to will stop the object. Just imagine yourself as the variable because it is up to you to avoid stopping or evading other drivers.  Follow the Law!

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So, Just Zip It!

I promise that nobody is budging when they wait until last minute before they leave a lane closure to merge into the open lane.  It is exactly what you are suppose to do when merging correctly.  We should be using all of the space the road has to offer to prevent back-ups.  The “late merge” has even been written into the state driver’s manual because of its effectiveness.  Some people would say that Minnesotans are just too nice.  I say they’re just bad drivers.  And the real asshole is the person who saddles both lanes to prevent an effective merger and refusing to take turns letting others merge.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has made informational videos on how to zipper merge correctly and it makes perfect sense.



5 thoughts on “Zipper Up

  1. Excellent post! I’ll admit that I’ve been on both sides of this. I’ve been in the left lane waiting to zipper in until the very end (like you’re supposed to) and I’ve been in the middle lane allowing people to merge in. It can be very frustrating, though, and I think people in Minnesota especially get very ticked off because of long traffic lines and constant construction (which is enough to mess with anyone’s sanity). If we could all cool down and allow the zipper merge to work as it’s supposed to, without being passive aggressive, I think traffic would move much faster.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen annoying drivers merge from the center lane into the left lane because they’re impatient and want to skip ahead a few cars. They’re already in the center lane! THAT drives me nuts. Stop merging into the left lane to try to budge your way ahead. If you’re approaching in the left lane, by all means stay in the left lane. But if you’ve been in the center lane for awhile, STAY THERE! You’re part of the problem by leaving your spot and blocking the left lane people from going to the end and merging in like they’re supposed to!

    Ooh, that makes me irritated.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. You had some fabulous points, and I appreciate the reminder on how to work the roads.

  2. Great blog! Nothing irritates me more than someone coasting below the speed limit in the left hand lane. Drives me insane!

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