Flag Day

The month of June is Gay Pride month across the globe.  There is gay pride because we need it in order to shed light on the LGBTQ community.  We have gay pride to feel like we are not alone.  We hope to feel safer being ourselves and find the help to stop hiding out of fear for our lives.  Many people ask why do we need a gay pride parade?   I ask, why do you suppose you do not need a straight pride parade?  Because being straight is generally the norm.  That is a big problem when being free from judgement and not allowing persecution of the innocent should be the norm.

What’s the difference between gay and straight?

The real big difference between the LGBTQ community and the heterosexual community is the one story that many LGBTQ share and that is the story of coming out.  Spending any time in your life in the closet is stressful, depressing, and sad.  People and places are avoided.  Relationships are lost or sadly never begin.  Because many have been hiding the truth in fear of persecution and violent hate crimes.

Why be scared and hide?

People are discriminated against to the point of suffering emotional and physical harm and very sadly, death, because of how they have been misunderstood and mistreated by society.  Gay pride helps to prove that the ones who are truly scared are not the LGBTQ community but the heterosexual community.  So scared and unwilling to understand and accept that they lash out to the point of mass murder.  I blame society for not teaching all people to be loving and accepting of the innocent, no matter how different you may think you must be.  Because you really are not as different as you think.  But, as long as there are still innocent people hiding in the closet you will remain blind to this reality.  Because in reality they are our heroes, doctors, politicians, rich, poor, teachers, artists, students, neighbors, friends, family, Black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Native American, White, Asian, and Latino.  The LGBTQ is everyone.  We are the American community and we are the global community.  We don’t need to prove that we are different from anybody by having Gay Pride but prove to be accepting and loving of each other for all to see and out of the closet.

A photo posted by Elise Pedersen (@moped79) on Jun 28, 2015 at 5:03pm PDT

The problem in society is hate.  It is guns.  It is terrorism. It is violence!

Today is flag day and all flags are at half mass.  The tragedy that is Orlando, is also America.  It is society.  It is human.  All of our choices affect others in one way or another and our actions are not matching up with our values.  We have been seeing the world through a veiled screen controlled by corporate media and economic greed.  Our thoughts are filled with images and scenes that goes against our very core but is accepted by society and permissible through some legal avenue or another.  Like gun regulations, guns are allowed but they are entirely out of control.



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