Our Four Legged Friends


Did you know a human can outrun a four legged mammal? As you think about that, I will clarify. I’m not talking about a human reaching 60mph and beating a cheetah in a sprint. I’m talking about endurance running. We could run down a deer if we wanted to, because a human can run multiple miles without exhaustion. We are able to do this because we sweat. Other four legged friends will pant but not sweat. Sweating is what helps us reduce our body temperature. In reality a deer would collapse from exhaustion before a human would. Now take all of that information into consideration before running your dog this summer. https://www.petcentric.com/09-04-2012/training-for-a-5k-with-fido

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Today I saw a lady running with what appeared to be a puppy. She was pulling the little guy along as he looked kind of exhausted. It was approximately 83 degrees and 69% humidity at this time of the day. That is muggy and uncomfortable for some people to exercise in. It is weather I definitely sweat in. As I watched the lady run with her dog I thought about the story my doctor shared with me two years ago. We were talking about human exercising and watching my cholesterol as I enter my thirties. I was amazed by his information but it made perfect sense. Then I started thinking about the dogs I could out run because mine always plays “keep away” at the park when it is time to leave. Now I know I could run down my dog if needed. I also started to think about the dogs I know of that run with their owners. I thought about how my aunt who had a Rottweiler in the 90s that tipped over and died one day at a young age. My aunt always ran with Bones the Rottweiler for miles. She loved Bones so much for this reason. I don’t believe there is proof that Bones died because of exhaustion but the thought enters my mind.

Taking the dogs to the park where they can roam freely. #dogpark

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Since all of this new information was bestowed on me a few years ago I have actively watched people running their dogs. I always feel bad for the dog because most owners; including myself most of my life, think dogs are great distance runners. They are not, and I am probably over reacting with my sympathy towards my canine friends. When I watch dogs at the dog park, and my own, I notice they don’t run for miles consistently. Most dogs run for a few minutes then stop and pant. Then start to run again before stopping and panting. Obviously each breed of dog is different and there are hundreds of breeds so maybe I am over reacting and this only affects 50% of dogs out there. Either way I want dog owners to be more observant of their dogs’ behavior while running. Act accordingly, and slow down if your dog seems exhausted. Bring water to give them a drink. Remember you can run farther than your dog.


2 thoughts on “Our Four Legged Friends

  1. As we enter the warmer part of the year, this is a great reminder. I am unsure of the exact information, but I was always told that there is a point where it’s too hot to walk or run with your dog. Same in the winter for the temp. being too cold. I own a lab mix, and at four years old, she still has that puppy energy. She gets tired quick and I try to monitor her panting while walking or jogging with her. Great blog!

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