Put Down the Mascara

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When I was twenty I decided to venture into the beauty industry as a career. This was more a way to reinvent myself as a prettier, more convincing, attractive person. Over a decade of primping and coloring faces of all kinds I discovered makeup, hair care, and expensive designer skin care is all a façade.

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My second job in the world of beauty was at Sephora. The mecca of all things glamour. I was controlled in every way possible. The dress code was, all back top and bottom, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, brow pencil, there shades of eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss. It was disgusting in natural light, but under florescent lights we looked flawless. Sephora used our faces to sell the product, and inspire the customer to be perfect. I remember women coming into the store looking for a red lipstick, and wanting to by the one I was wearing because it looked pretty; however, just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it matches all skin tones.

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I found over time that my job was not to sell make up, my face did that on its own. The job was to build self-esteem of customers. I entered this industry to build my own faltering self-worth. The women who searched for hours just to find that perfect shade of lipstick weren’t searching for a cosmetic; they searched to find themselves. For some shoppers out of the 160 lipstick shades none were ever right.

Makeup gives women instant gratification. But, why can’t people feel strong, smart, and attractive without layering on the schmutz? Why must magazines advertise cosmetics as self-esteem? Why are marketers lying to women about natural beauty? The sad reality is this: we are all brain washed to think no one naturally is good enough. Here is an article about a study showing women who wore makeup where preferred. http://www.universityherald.com/articles/5057/20131021/bosses-prefer-employees-wearing-makeup-work-cosmetics.htm

This is all bullshit! I want to change how we look at women. I ask you to put down your mascara wand for a day. You are beautiful without it. Let’s stand strong together.


3 thoughts on “Put Down the Mascara

  1. It is interesting to hear about what people did before Metro State and their current jobs. Your perspective is insightful and I think all 19 year old women should give it a read.

  2. I now know who to ask about my complete lack of understanding of make up – when done right it absolutely boosts confidence but we need to be happy with ourselves inside and out.

  3. Really interesting post. I certainly can understand your cynicism. I also can see the other side of the industry, the ability it has to make people feel better about themselves.

    Personally, I choose to focus on that side. Even though it has a small impact, I know the beauty industry has the potential to better the world around us.

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