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I have been an Amazon Prime member for almost five years. I think it is great to shop online, and I get excited when my Prime membership garners me free shipping.  For $100 a year I receive free shipping on a large number of items and I have access to a video streaming service. I use the video service and often receive free shipping on my text books. I feel Amazon Prime is a value for the price point. When did I make the transition to online shopper? Why do I prefer online shopping?

Got my new tool in the mail for work. twaintransferXdrvinyl

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I was not a big online shopper before I became a Prime member. I originally purchased my membership when it was only $75 for a year. If I recall correctly more products had free shipping and the video service was much smaller. Becoming an online shopper didn’t hit me over night. I slowly started changing my buying habits. Online purchases started out only a few times a year for me. As I started to appreciate the conveniences of online shopping; comforts of home, delivery service, and ability to research items before purchase, I did it more and more.

Amazon has become my “go to” stop when I am ready for that unique purchase. It is also the site I use for all of my textbook purchases. Since starting at Metropolitan State University I have not purchased a book from the bookstore. When I was a student at MCTC I would purchase some books online but I would also use the bookstore. When I would use the bookstore it was usually because of time constraints. On the other hand I was not as big of an online shopper when I was a student at MCTC. It wasn’t a habit for me yet. My buying habits have not changed as drastically as Amazon would like them to. I still buy my food at a grocery store, I think I will always do this I prefer to see my food before buying it, especially with the fresh items like produce or meat. I also buy all of my daily items and toiletries at the store also. I do have friends that will buy things like toilet paper and deodorant on Amazon and they get a discount by receiving scheduled deliveries, i.e. every month.

So many books needed for college. $$$$ #metrostatemn

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I am curious how many Americans shop online. I know I am late to the party when it comes to online shopping but I still feel the majority of people are at the stores shopping. conducted a study in 2015 and found out 2/3 of Americans shop online monthly.  According to their data my assumption was accurate about people still using brick and mortar shops to buy items that have an immediate use. Books, women’s clothing and electronics all rated towards the top of the list for items purchased online. People like myself enjoy the free shipping, the retailers have us fooled thinking we are getting something for free. Maybe we are, maybe we are saving gas money or time by not going to the store. Shipping does cost the retailer some amount of money. I do believe the online retailers are not being generous by this act. It is a method that is required for them to maintain customers. All of the different products Amazon sells they are definitely seeing positive sales trends free shipping or not.


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