All aboard!

I enjoy watching sports and cheering for my favorite teams, which tend to be the hometown teams of Minnesota. So it can irk me, less now then in the past, when I see fans who take the shortcut to a championship by selecting a team or teams who are winning or has won a championship and claim that team as their favorite team. They will always try to validate their team loyalty by telling you how long they have been a fan and supported that specific team, by mentioning a few former players or statistics about that team.The information they repeat is usually something that they recently heard on ESPN or heard in a previous fan validating argument. I understand it is just a sports entertainment, but when you find yourself emotionally invested in your hometown team because it is where you live and you want to see them do well, because you are a part of that community it can be bothersome to see other sports fans who you know are born and raised in a certain state, say like Minnesota cheer for the perennial championship team or teams in sports as if they have been with that team through thick and thin. These fans are known as bandwagon jumpers and clearly want to be identified as a winner by being associated with a winner. Bandwagon jumping seems to have reached an all-time high with the rise of the Golden State Warriors. Why not cheer and support your local hometown teams? Why not endure the hardships of being a loyal fan, so that when the teams of Minnesota finally win a championship or championships you can bask in the glory as well. Just imagine how great and emotionally satisfying it will be, one’s loyalty will have paid off.

3 thoughts on “All aboard!

  1. Bandwagon fans can be annoying I agree with you on that point. Sometimes it is very hard to be a MN fan so you have to look around the league. Who can really stomach being a Twins fan the last 5 years, not me!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Band wagon jumpers are annoying. I know many of them. With that being said, when I see an organization that does things the “right way”, and they have success, I am happy for them…. to a point. Being a MN fan, I can’t help but root for the Cavs this Sunday only because what their fans have endured the last 60 years is heart wrenching.

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