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Growing up as a kid there were many times I felt as I did not fit in due to what people around me thought I should look or act like. I’m of Hispanic decent and grew up in a predominantly white middle class neighborhood and attended a practically all white catholic school. The bias of the students made me feel inferior at times and due to my skin color. Every stereotype that was associated with Mexicans was projected on me, yet I didn’t fit every stereotype.  And when it came to Hispanics I quite didn’t fit their image of what a fellow Mexican-American should dress like or how one “should act”. I clearly didn’t fit the ideas or bias that each one of these groups had in their minds when it came to me being a male of Mexican decent. It has taken me time to fully understand who I am and the many characteristics that make up who I am. As a kid it was a struggle to fit in, but now I enjoy more than ever who I am, I enjoy the rich diversity of friendship that span many cultures, religions, and races. Granted it was a struggle as a kid, but I see them for who they are and accept them as they are and they in turn accept me as I am. Growing up it seemed like a curse, but having this life experience as a kid has been a blessing and I would not change it. It has been a gateway to many great friends and rich experiences, besides who wants to live in a cookie cutter society.

A post shared by Dubi Hernandez (@dhernandez121) on


3 thoughts on “I am

  1. I have to say, this post completely resonates with me. As someone who comes from a diverse and complex background, I understand not fully fitting into the world/society that we live in.

    Thank you for being brave by sharing your perspective.

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