Marijuana legality

Just an idea.

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Marijuana is something I was told growing up was a dangerous drug that people should stay away from. It’s been illegal my entire life but slowly more and more states are opening it up for medical use and in some states for personal use as well.

How did it go from being a dangerous illegal drug to one that doctors are prescribing? Well for starters its actually not that dangerous. According to one study,marijuana doesn’t. It can lead to bad decisions but you can’t overdose on it. on the flip side I know many people who have had their lives torn apart by alcohol. Some people by drunk drivers others by addiction.

Not your grandmas medicine

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There are benefits to legalization too. Marijuana provides a good amount of pain relief and relaxation. In many patients it inspires an appetite. Another big benefit is the amount of tax dollars it brings in. According to,  in 2015 marijuana taxes raised $1 billion. Thats a lot of money.

I’m not a marijuana smoker, I’ve tried it a few time but its not for me and frankly I think a lot of the culture surrounding it is stupid. But I think the logic in legalizing it is sound.


2 thoughts on “Marijuana legality

  1. Very good blog. This is one of those touchy subjects that needs to be recognized as more states legalize it. I see it as a beneficial drug in the medical field that can help bring in more money for the state as well. I havnt read to much into this issue but one thought I had was that by legalizing it, it’s taking business away from drug trafficking. Legal or not, those who use it will find it. Why not put that money in the states hands instead of drug dealers?

    1. Thank you tim. I think a big issue is that there’s a real stigma with people from my parents generation and the one before it where it was advertised as a horrible, illegal drug. I think as more young voters come into the voting booth over the years it will swing towards legalization.

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