Shhh it’s a secret, but I’ll tell you

So, as many of you know (as I’ve shared repeatedly in class), I’m turning 47 on Friday, along with Dr. Carlson.  It’s still a bit odd that two gingers born on the same day and year would end up randomly in a class together.  But I digress, as I was saying ,I’ve shared my age and subsequently, all my pseudo old-fashioned points of view.  I’m still not confident I will ever be a fan of social media, to be honest.  That said, I have learned a great deal during these crammed, six full weeks of Summer Session.  Not the least of which is when a PhD tells you the class is tough but even tougher in the Summer, BELIEVE them.  In all the rush and reading and stress, I can say I’ve really enjoyed the discussions in class and hearing from you all.  So much so that I feel like I can share something with you. 

Now this is just between us, right?  Promise not to tell, right??

Well, ….. I’m a major NERD.  Yep, that’s right and proud of it.  I love all kinds of nerdy stuff.    All you have to do is take a look at my car as we leave class to know.   Heck, I even named the vehicle “Hound” from the Transformers series. 

Hound when he joined The Pack.

A post shared by Karen Smith (@kkjacknwilla) on

There are all kinds of decals about my favorite escapist tendencies including; The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, The White Tree of Gondor from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Rebel Alliance insignia from Star Wars, The TARDIS from Dr. Who….the list goes on, and is, of course, rounded out with many a dog and a Disney decal, to boot.   

Why tell you all this now, you ask?

Well, tomorrow I’ll be spending my first day after leaving this class hiding out in a movie theater and movie crawling from one to the next all day with my niece.  I will be fully escaping our Communicating with New Media experience.  Saturday I’ll wrap up my learning journal and then I’ll bid this all adieu…..

Or will I?

You see as happy as I am move on to the next session, I’m actually seriously thinking about the social change aspects of this class, and using social media to impact the world around me regarding veterans issues.  So thank you, Dr. Carlson, for that inspiration spark, and to the rest of the class for all your blogs which simply reinforced what is possible. 

May your summer be blessed, as I have been blessed in knowing each of you.


2 thoughts on “Shhh it’s a secret, but I’ll tell you

  1. Karen, it’s been great working with you. Best of luck. I am happy to hear that this class has motivated you to explore your options. Every time I walk White Bear Lake, I will think of the work we all put into this project. It’s been a fun ride.

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