Biased Journalism

Our current political race is out of hand and very scary. According to many different reports we have a Democrat that can be bought very easily versus a Republican that preaches intolerance. Unfortunately I do not feel comfortable voting for either candidate. Social media is a crazy vehicle for the extreme stories about our presidential candidates. I have found it very hard to find unbiased articles.

I found a poorly written article containing tweets from a journalist that attended a Trump rally this week.

Jared Sexton is a journalist and correspondent from the state of Georgia. Donald Trump held a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina earlier this week. Sexton documented his experience as if being a fly on the wall. I read approximately 30 of his Tweets, and some of them were very shocking.

 Crowd chanting BUILD THAT WALL BUILD THAT WALL over operatic music.

Crowd member just shouted “gays had it coming”

I like Alf's hair better.

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Sexton continues to document his experience with unbelievable information. I did a little research on Sexton and he does have some credentials when it comes to writing.  He has had multiple publications and he is an assistant professor at Georgia Southern University. Even with a substantial writing history there is good reason to question his intentions or validity as a journalist. His tweets are extremely one sided, all of the content is bashing the attendees of the rally and the presidential nominee. A one sided story is only going to go as far as your supporters will take it. Also people opposed to your point of view more than likely won’t read your content.

Was Sexton limiting his audience by narrowing his content? I think he definitely was, when I am scrolling through the daily news or Facebook I often go past the stories I feel are extremely opposite of my interest . People get bombarded with so much information because of social media. With the saturation of information people are more particular with what they choose to read.

Who is the website that printed the very pathetic article I found. Other sites did cover this story but it seems as though Political Scrapbook was trying to news jack as quickly as possible. The site offered one paragraph to lay out the situation. Then it listed almost 30 different Tweets by Sexton in chronological order. I enjoyed reading the Tweets while shaking my head about how absurd they were, but the website felt very generic and not authentic. The website did cover a number of other stories but with the poor impression of the first one I did not feel compelled to read more.


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