Stop In at In-N-Out (Blog 6)


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I have been traveling to California annually for the last eight years. There is nothing better than traveling to Southern California during the cold Minnesota months and getting off the plane and stepping out into the California sun. My favorite thing to do after collecting my luggage is making the traditional stop at my favorite burger joint, In-N-Out.


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What makes In-N-Out so tasty is more than 100% pure beef, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, or even the french fries that are shipped right from the farm and cut daily in the stores. What actually makes In-N-Out so tasty is its exclusivity. This restaurant is currently located in only six states; California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Some might argue that it’s not that much different than McDonalds or Burger King, but if you want to find out for yourself, it will take more than a five minute drive from your home to find out. According to Matthew Scott’s article on AOL, they won’t open a store outside of a 500-mile radius of the commissaries where they get their fresh beef patties, their buns and other products because they want to maintain freshness. (Read here for more info: ) Quality is what makes this franchise so successful, and it’s not just with their product. During my recent visit to Las Vegas this past February, we made a stop at In-N-Out just after midnight for a late night snack. I can only imagine the types of behavior that employees see from their customers at this time of night just off the strip. One would think that employees there might be tired, rude, or just plain fed up with the amount of traffic feeding in. It was the exact opposite. The young lady who took my order greeted me with a smile and was perhaps more friendly than any waiter I have had at quieter sit-down restaurants. The employees there value their jobs. In-N-Out associates can make as much as ten dollars an hour working part-time and starting store managers can make up to $100,000 annually. There are also added incentives based on the success of that store.

In-N-Out truly does care about the customer experience. They will specially make each of their burgers based on the request given. Check out their website for their menu, Next time you travel to one of these great states, make sure to make In-N-Out one of your first stops for some quality affordable food!


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3 thoughts on “Stop In at In-N-Out (Blog 6)

  1. love Love LOVE this one! I couldn’t agree more when I step off the plane to my at least annual trip to the OC it’s my first stop no matter what rain or shine in Irvine. Thanks for sharing this Tim….the big question is are you an on the menu kind of guy or a secret off the menu kind of guy!

  2. Ooh. I love In-N-Out! I go there every time I visit CA. Wish we had something like that here in MN (but then again, maybe I don’t as I’d totally pack on the pounds). Great post!

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