Let’s Get Social!

We live in a time that social media and social networking is at its prime. Scrolling through our news feeds and checking notifications seems to have become a routine even upon waking up. We find ourselves indulged in this whole idea of being engaged with the world but rather, we’re just keeping up-to-date with what social media has to offer.

But what does social media or social networking have to offer that we mindlessly keep ourselves on top of it?

In David Scott’s book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” he clearly defines the difference between the two. He explains that social media is the “various media that people use to communicate online in a social way” (Scott 56.) As for social networking, “when people create a personal profile and interact to become part of a community of friends and like-minded people…” (Scott 56.)

Based on Scott’s definitions, social media and networking fills in a void of belonging. We are connected with a social community that social media had created for us to network with others who are just like us. Social media is a platform where we find people like us and/or “they” find us. Then networking with others of common interests build an online community by exchanging information and folks, we found a way to conversate.

The way social media and networking has strengthened brought people from different parts of the world together. It is an opportunity to share, inspire, or even educate each other. So why do we keep ourselves updated with our social media and social networking? It’s the idea and the feeling of belonging to a community that is based on interest. It’s convenient and easy to merely share an opinion then receive feedback within minutes.

So, let’s get social!27b8758


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