Social Media – obsession or progression?

I have not joined as millions have and become a junkie to the internet and post the events of my life on the World Wide Web. Does this make me anti-social in some respects? Or perhaps merely the fact that I like privacy and do not like to share my life with hundreds of other people. I know…I have been told you can set up blocks and filters and make things private. Yet I am more than a little skeptical, consider myself defenseless against stalkers, and fear that anything I post will be in the matrix forever.

Hashtag what? Another term I do not quite understand. The fixation of setting up a Facebook or Twitter account because everyone else has one does not appeal to me. Perhaps my view is “old school” and I am not keeping up with the times. Just recently, (starting in 2016) I started paying my bills electronically and stopped writing checks, putting a postage stamp on an envelope, and having the mail carrier pick up at my front door. I took pride in writing a check and signing it; providing me with a sense of accomplishment. Yet the increase in stamp and check prices persuaded me to change my habits.

Perhaps this class will show me the value of Social Media and the positive aspects of joining the revolution. We shall see.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In – OH MY! Click on the image below and check out this post which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the topic. (if it doesn’t open, let me know as I’m new to this stuff!)



One thought on “Social Media – obsession or progression?

  1. This is awesome! I love that you’re being so honest about your feelings and ideas about social media. I respect the idea of not having “all of your business” out online, and that feeling of pride when you write a check to pay a bill. Like you said, I do believe that social media has a place, but it’s ridiculous how much we’re relying on it to stay connected to friends. How significant can a Facebook post on my birthday? I’d rather get a phone call. Nicely done!

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