Social Media, New Media


Myspace is not invited to the cool kids club!

Remember when social media was as simple as adding and chatting with friends to your page and adding music in the background. What such fun in changing the layout of your page every week from sparkle blue to a popular boy band tiled in your background. In 2004, we really didn’t have a purpose to be on social media such as Myspace besides what I previously mentioned. Times has definitely changed with new media. With technology and marketing strageties advancing over the last decade, we now have access to more information, more things to do on social media besides changing adding music to your boy band fanatic page.

We can now successfully communicate more efficiently with new media through new features like live video streaming. Take a look at Facebook image. Live video allows followers to see video recorded by other facebookers during actual real time. There has many cases where because of this feature, people were getting in trouble”caught doing things”. Whether it’s police brutality, public murder or public humiliation. Also, with this feature people use it to bring awareness, entertainment or connecting. Learn more about the app here 

There are more resources available to the public using a tool called “networking”. Now people can recommend jobs, employers can view prospective employees professional background on sites such as “LinkedIn”.image  Everything is more open. So, instead of playing a music playlist on Myspace, the norm is about communicating through posting, twitting, snapchating, video messaging, etc. With this new way of communicating, comes a great deal of vulnerability. Accountability and more mindfulness has to be taken up a notch due to the advance media.


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