Wrinkles be gone!

There are numerous “miracle creams” on the market claiming to magically remove those fine lines and wrinkles. Even more ridiculous are the movie stars who endorse the products, or even promote their own line of skin care products.

An interesting site I stumbled upon promoting Kelly Ripkin’s product Aviqua Anti-Aging Cream. Of course, featured on the Today show and Dr. Oz. There are pictures posted of before & after results, yet can anyone truly believe this claim? Perhaps she isn’t smiling as much in the After picture, as quoted by Mark Twain “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”


The even more ridiculous part, is further down the page, it starts showing TV and movie stars who supposed “admit” to using Kelly’s product. One such person is Christie Brinkley shown with the caption “Age 61”. Now, further research reveals an additional site for Christie’s very own skin care products.

And finally and most importantly, we are offered “Get Your Trial Now”. And we’d better hurry, as ONLY 2 trials are still available, and the Free Trial Promotion Ends: October 11, 2016. All you have to pay for is shipping, yet don’t forget to read the fine print and beware of having to call back to cancel your “order” which will ship automatically every 30 days and charge your credit card.

What are the chances if we look at the site tomorrow that the end date changes to October 13, 2016? and so on….


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