Can you Escape?

The most popular attraction around town is here! Getting locked in a room is the new thing. EscapeMSP will give you the best experience ever! The moment you walk in to EscapeMSP, the staff, known as mission producers welcomes you with such enthusiasm and outstanding customer service. EscapeMSP has four fully themed rooms with themed briefings, leaderboards, scores, debriefing with awards and specific highlights followed by a team photo.

This escape room is pure entertainment! Great for corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, date nights, and just because. Excellent for team building and great way to interact, taking awesome to a new level. This fun and adventurous puzzle room will have you on edge.



Mr. Dupree’s office– CIA agents collecting incriminating evidence

James Bomb– Captured M16 agents in the basement of the Bank of England

Dr. K’s Lethal Injection– CDC agents must find antidote to Dr. K’s blood borne pathogen

Investigation of Miss Treedeath– Detectives searching for clues in her apartment to find out her next murder victim

EscapeMSP ranks #2 on Trip Advisor

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